Billabong Retreat just 45 minutes from Sydney.



A retreat that offers relaxation, yoga, the native Australian Bush and organic food you’ll love.


Billabong Retreat is a stunning location to relax and let go.


I’ve been to a lot of retreats over the years. From Greece to Thailand and around Australia, but there’ something fabulous about finding one on your doorstep that’s easily accessible, with stunning new facilities including a huge yoga room, newly refurbished accommodation and an insightful, supportive education program – if you want it.

Retreats offer the chance to escape from every aspect of your regular life – whether it be work, family, study, stress, relationships and responsibility, to focus on yourself. They’re indulgent, but necessary as a reminder of what is truly important in life and to each of us as individuals.

Billabong Retreat is about 45 minutes drive from the harbour bridge. It’s a unique health retreat that promises relaxation, healthy eating and a complete disconnection from day to day life.

I went for 48 hours of mindfulness, a unique opportunity to learn from Billabong founder and former mathematician and marketer Paul Von Bergen about the mind, how and why meditation and yoga work so well and how we can give our bodies the best possible chance of being healthy and disease-free.

It’s refreshing to hear someone speak who knows their subject matter, and who’s passionate about it. The evidence-based program includes explanations of the brain, and how it connects with the body, DNA and clear explanations of why we are the way we are, and how and why we can change.

The program is physiological and psychological. It covers all aspects of mindfulness – and is a reminder we are all in charge of our own thoughts, life and future.

From amazing massages to bush walks and yoga sessions, it was an incredible 48 hours, packed with learning experiences, not least of which was listening to other guests share their stories and life challenges.

This is the kind of program everyone should do once a year if not more frequently. I left feeling balanced, calm, healthy and keen to know more.

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Renae Leith-Manos


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