The key to love – well at least attraction could be in the voice.



 Voice tone may be just as important as looks when picking the right partner out of a crowd


We tend to judge potential partners on their looks, but it could be their voice that is the clincher when it comes to picking a mate.


A study by psychologist Susan Hughes in the US found voice pitch is a strong indicator of both attractiveness and attraction in both men and women.

The study found both men and women lower their voice when attracted to a mate.

The reason women find men with lower pitched voices appealing is it is an indicator of high testosterone levels, meaning they’re likely to make a good partner.

Since the 2010 study, concerns have been raised about the age of digital dating we live in, where so much of our communication is done on-line and via text, so we don’t speak to each other.

Contrary to popular opinion, a high pitched voice isn’t what women use when trying to impress or at least communicate with a man.

“There appears to be a common stereotype in our culture that deems a sexy female voice as one that sounds husky, breathy, and lower-pitched,” she says. “This suggests that the motivation to display a sexy/seductive female voice may conflict with the motivation to sound more feminine.”

So the message to meet the right mate? Meet in person as soon as possible to hear ( and see) the person your are communicating with so you don’t waste time or worse still, choose the wrong mate.


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