Pink Flags, The Make Or Break Of Your Relationship



Pink flags are small, dismissible issues that come up in the beginning of a relationship.

They can be missed if you don’t do yourself a favour and take off those rose-tinted glasses once in a while.

Pink flags are different to the more commonly-known red flags.

Red flags are more obvious to pick up and harder to ignore.

Defining the difference between these flags depends on the individual.

For example, a blatant red flag for you might be that your date eats meat whereas for others it wouldn’t even register as an issue.

As for a pink flag, the problem could be that on your first date, your partner doesn’t ask you any questions and instead does all the talking.

The worst case scenario would be that they simply don’t care, or it could be a simple case of nerves on a first date.

Pink flags don’t have to be harmful, in fact if you make the right moves once you see one pop up, they can be the perfect way to figure out where your relationship is going.

In a situation where a pink flag pops up, communication is key.

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Bringing up an issue and having an honest conversation about it without judgment can help you gain clarity and stop the problem from growing and turning into a red flag.

When faced with a pink flag, it is incredibly important to nip it in the bud as soon as possible and get to the bottom of what is really going on.

Here are two pink flag situations that demonstrate what we are talking about.


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When it comes to PDAs (public displays of affection) most couples are mindful of the people around them.

In this example we are talking about innocent displays of affection like holding hands while walking down the street or a giving your partner a quick peck on the cheek while out.

A pink flag in this scenario would be if your partner refuses to show any affection at all in public.

To figure out whether this pink flag is a potential red flag, open up a conversation to give them a chance to explain.

Perhaps your partner is saving you from having to hold their sweaty palms or maybe they are embarrassed to show affection in public.

Depending on your needs in the relationship, asking your partner where the root of their actions come from will help you figure out whether this is an issue for you or not.


Everyone goes through the blissful honeymoon phase where almost everything that is said or done is to impress your partner.

While this is a normal part of dating, it is helpful to start having truthful conversations early on.

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This will not only allow you to get to know your partner on a deeper level, but will help you understand why they do or see things differently from you.

A pink flag in this scenario would be if you and your partner have never had any disagreements while talking.  

This could be a case where you have found someone who shares every opinion you have or on the other hand, maybe your partner is a people pleaser and is afraid to disagree with you.  

In order to figure out which of the two it is, start by having an open conversation with the goal of getting to know each other better.

After finding out the meaning behind their actions and words, you will have a clearer idea of what steps to take next.

Remember, pink flags are the perfect opportunity to gain a better understanding of your partner and avoid small issues turning into big problems.

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