It’s World AIDS Day Today



“It’s Not Over’ is a film to remind us all that AIDS is still in our world, and we need to be aware of those around us living with it.


Filmmaker Andrew Jenks.

In honour of World AIDS Day, a feature length documentary film made possible by the MAC AIDS Fund has been released on Netflix and SnagFilms.

In ‘It’s Not Over’, filmmaker Andrew Jenks follows the every day lives of three people living with or affected by HIV in very different, yet connected ways. He visits India, South Africa and the USA to show the global epidemic first hand from a very human and personal perspective.

Jenks manages to show how much we are all connected across generations, countries and cultures. The human condition and the fragility of life is something we all share regardless of our sexuality, age, race, or colour.

The film is aimed at young people, as it is the younger generation who will lead us to an AIDS-free generation. Every day approximately 1,800 young people become infected with HIV.  In 2013, globally an estimated 5 million adolescents (10-24) were living with HIV.

The MAC AIDS Fund was established in 199 to support men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS. The fund has raised more than $240 million (US_ through the sale of MAC’s Viva Glam lipstick and lip glass, donating 100% of the sale price of the lipsticks to HIV/AIDS.




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