Kate Moss Turns 40 and She Looks Hot



The Gorgeous Kate Moss has posed for Playboy to celebrate the magazine’s 60th Birthday and boy does she look hot.

moss14f-1-webSporting a flawless St Tropez Tan,Kate has been photographed by renowned photography duo Mert and Marcus.

Sanctuary Spa facial and body expert Nichola Joss prepped, primed and tanned Kate’s body for the shoot with the St Tropez range.

In her younger years, Kate had a reputation for no exercise and junk food, but insiders told Bondi Beauty all that’s changed, and whilst she still likes to eat out and party once in a while, she gets on the step machine most days, does yoga, and enjoys a balanced, healthy lifestyle – just like us at Bondi Beauty.

Now adopting a cleaner lifestyle of eating healthier and exercising more, partying less and getting more rest, Kate has proven how easy it is to turn back the clock at any age, through the concept of clean living and a healthy lifestyle.

It’s hard to believe Kate will turn 40 in January. A true icon and someone to admire for changing her lifestyle and proving how easy it is to do it and look good whilst doing it.

The magazine is out December 6 and we can’t wait to check out the photos.


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Renae Leith-Manos


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