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July is Plastic-free month and at Bond Beauty, we are ditching the plastic toothbrushes, razors, and even straws to help keep this world safe and beautiful.

Did you know Australian’s use and dispose over 30 millions plastic toothbrushes every year, contributing to approx 900 tonnes of waste which is not good for the planet.

That’s around 180 per cent of the total waste of the 3.90 billion plastic bags Australians are sending to landfills each year.

If that shocks you, then we won’t give you the stats on how many plastic disposable razors, dish cloths and other disposable kitchen products end up in out landfill each year.

This July, let’s all make a difference and ditch as many plastic products as we can, by replacing them with more naturally alternative products, like wooden razors and toothbrushes.

Founder of natural lifestyle brand BIOME and Australian Environmentalist Tracey Bailey is encouraging all Australian’s this July, to make a life-long commitment of reducing as much plastic waste, starting with a plastic-free July.

“Plastic Free July’s Top four challenge is designed to encourage people to stop using single use plastic water bottles, bags, straws and coffee cups. But there are many other areas in our lives, where we can reduce the use of disposable plastics including in our kitchens and bathrooms. Disposable plastic kitchen products including food packaged in single use bags, cling wrap and synthetic dish cloths can also be replaced with environmentally friendly reusable alternatives, eliminating plastic waste entirely.”

Plastic-free July began on July 1st, but it’s not too late to jump on board and start reducing your footprint by ditching as many plastic products from your life.

“To help you get started; as it can be overwhelming to ditch all plastics from your life. Stop using single use plastic water bottles, shopping bags – which is easy now thanks to Coles and Woolworths. Don’t request a straw in your drink when you go out and take your own travel coffee or tea mug to the cafe to stop you from ordering coffee in a takeaway coffee cup.”

Check out below some beautiful environmentally friendly products, which make great replacements for your everyday plastic products:

Wooden Toothbrush:

This soft bamboo toothbrush is a minimalist solution to plastic toothbrush waste, with long-lasting superior hygiene PBT polyester bristles that have tapered ends for better cleaning between teeth and gums.  Bamboo handle can be buried or composted at the end of its life.

While the bristle head can not be composted, our aim is to offer a resource-efficient, high quality dental care toothbrush.

Click here to purchase

Stainless Steel Razor:

This is a double edged safety razor, with a long textured handle for better grip when shaving in the shower with wet soapy hands. Lighter than regular safety razors for easier maneuverability with a lavender handle. Use the handle for life to replace the general disposable plastic razor. Blades are sold separately.

Click here to purchase.

Toilet Brush Set:

This high-quality toilet brush set by Redecker, comes with a beautiful embossed galvanized metal pitcher and thermowood toilet brush handle with nylon bristles. Thermowood is Redecker method of heat treating wood in order for it to resist moisture penetration. Handcrafted in Germany and it’s plastic free.

Click here to purchase.

If you’re looking for more environmentally sustainable period products. Click here to read about BB writer Sarah’s experience trialing NEW sustainable and environmentally friendly period products.

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