EU Calls for International Treaty to Globally Ban All Animal Tested Products



Members of the EU Parliament committee have approved a resolution which aims to establish a global ban on animal testing for cosmetics by 2023.

Drafted by eight members of the EU council in October 2017, the resolution received an overwhelming response from the majority members supporting the idea of banning animal testing for both cosmetics and other ingredients globally.

Specifics of the resolution stated a support for a global ban on animal testing for cosmetics in meetings with institutions from other countries, regions and at the international level, in particular with the UN secretary-general.

It also stated that use of their diplomatic networks to build a coalition in support of achieving a global ban, draft an international convention against the testing of animals for cosmetics within the UN framework and in particular to call for the global ban to be included as an item on the agenda of the next meeting of the UN General Assembly.

There was also mention in the resolution to ensure policies are created to protect the ban and make sure the EU ban is not weakened by any ongoing trade negotiations, or by any WTO rules.

Although the sale of animal-tested cosmetics has been banned since 2013 in the EU, many beauty brands found loop holes in the Cosmetics Products Regulation which allowed them to continue the sales of their products.

However, there are statistics which also prove since the ban in 2013 there has been a successful decline of many other brands phasing-out animal testing and with the new resolution, members of the EU are hopefully this phase-out process will develop more so over the coming years in preparation for a final ban in 2023.

Countries such as Guatemala, Iceland, India, Israel, New Zealand, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland and Turkey have all placed their own country bans on animal-tested products and in addition South Korea and Australia have also made significant progress towards such bans – which only proves how successful this new EU resolution can be going forward.

80% of the world’s countries; like China, still allow animal-testing and the marketing of cosmetics tested on animals and the EU will continue to promote and educate these countries in an effort to include them into the global ban of animal-testing.

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