Is This the New Way to Do Pilates?



A revolutionary new way to do pilates will be launching in Sydney soon.

Created by Sydney-based Pilates instructor Leah Simmons, Elevate is a revolutionary new Pilates fitness program which uses the power of music to penetrate the body for an enhanced full-body work out.

By resonating sounds and vibrations through the body at different frequencies, specific energies are awakened to help you achieve your ultimate fitness goals and assist the body on a cellular level to achieve a true emotional state of healing and wellbeing, both physically and mentally.

Prior to her fitness career, Leah was a DJ living and working in London for eighteen years where she spent five of those years running a dance music record label.

Tired and worn out from the work-hard, play-hard London lifestyle, Leah returned to Australia twelve years ago and began her new journey of becoming a successful Pilates instructor.

“Having always been active, combined with my love for Pilates, I decided to shift my life focus to become a personal trainer and Pilates instructor.

And over the past decade, I’ve discovered how important it is to find a balance between both the physical aspect and the emotional aspect of our body. This lead me to becoming a Kundalini Yoga teacher also.”

Kundalini Yoga is a style of yoga which focuses on the form of primal energy said to be located at the base of the spine. It is said when someone obtains a Kundalini awakening through deep meditation, you will feel enlightened and full of bliss.

“Combining everything I’ve learned, I’ve spent the past year developing a program which trains every aspect of your life. And so, the Elevate Method was born.”

Having been a DJ for so long, Leah already understood how music and sound can affect someone’s emotional state. So, Leah began to research what was happening at a physical level and discovered certain sound frequencies have different effects in the body.

“I began experimenting with sound in my classes and realised it completely elevated everybody’s experience. They were able to immerse themselves more, pushing themselves more, which in turn then enabled them to surrender to the experience so much more.”

Leah uses different sounds at different times during the program to elicit different responses from the body using purpose designed music which plays through specially designed SONOS speakers.

For example, in the FOCUS phase of the program known as phase one, the class starts with breath work, which prepares the body for physical movement. The music used is rhythmic and airy to assist with the breathing and stir energy located at the base chakra.

After FOCUS, the class then moves into the TRAIN phase known as phase two. The music becomes much more driving and bass-heavy, to help motivate and push people through their perceived limitations. To finish the class, phase three called BALANCE then taps into the emotional state of the body, by using music which helps people to relax and integrate the right energy they have just created.

“This is a truly holistic workout designed to train every part of your being. And, not just your physical body. If you are consistent with the program, you will not only see a change in your body, but a significant shift in your overall feeling of wellbeing. Creating a calmer and happier version of yourself.”

So, what can you expect when you sign up to the Elevate fitness program by Leah? To be challenged both physically and emotionally on a whole new level.

“The program has been designed to push people through their limits. Whether they be physically, mentally or emotionally. Some people will find the physical part easy; especially if they exercise regularly. However, the deep relaxation technique is a challenge for most.

Completing the program will not only give people a sense of achievement, it will also help them overcome any limitations they think they have.”

Leah will be teaching Elevate at her new studio called Elevate Studio in Sydney. We will keep you updated when she officially launches.

Leah Simmons has revolutionised the way we do yoga and pilates.
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