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For many people, Christmas Day is a time spent with family and close friends. But for others across the globe, it can be a tough day.

Especially when the days leading up to Christmas are often filled with work parties, cocktails with friends and plenty of other festive events which fill nearly every day in the diary. But, then as soon as Christmas Day arrives, everything goes quiet and loneliness creeps in.

However, feeling lonely and being lonely are not the same thing, and there’s solace in the fact that many people around the world wake up to a very quiet Christmas Day alone.

And, where it’s natural to feel a mix of emotions around the holiday season, there is no reason why this magical day can’t be positive, as there are many great ways to spend the day alone.

Remember there are plenty of people who will be surrounded by people on the day, people they don’t actually want to be with, which can be the loneliest feeling of all. Whereas being alone you can choose how to spend your day.

And there are plenty of countries in the world where Christmas is not celebrated, so if you choose to ignore it, there will be millions of others doing the same thing.

Here are six great ways to spend Christmas Day alone:

Go to the Beach

In Australia we are lucky enough to normally experience a very warm (sometimes incredibly hot), sunny Christmas Day. And with most people spending the day catching up with their family, many of Australia’s beaches will be free for the taking, with plenty of space to explore, relax, swim and unwind; without the normal chaos which normally comes with many Aussie beaches in summer.

Take a Walk in the City

Okay, so there aren’t many shops open. But, the city is still open for exploring. Public transport in Australia still operates at certain times of the day during Christmas Day. So why not take the train (or bus) to your nearest city and explore the amazing urban culture. It’s a great way to experience the city, without all the general hustle and bustle which normally comes with it.

Television Binge Watch

Sleep in, stay in your pyjamas all day and binge watch that television show you have been meaning to catch up on all year. Who needs to spend the day travelling from house to house catching up with distant cousins you have noting in common with, and over-eating food you wouldn’t normally eat, when you can stay home, relax and finally catch up on season seven of Game of Thrones.

Catch up on Admin

Now that you finally have a day to yourself, where the phone isn’t ringing, and no emails are coming in, today is finally the day you can catch up in doing a year’s worth of filing. And whilst you’re at it, start writing out your New Year’s resolutions for 2018. The key to setting up resolutions for the New Year is to keep them realistic and achievable. Like setting up a new budget plan to go away next Christmas Holidays.


It’s not too late to get out and volunteer on Christmas Day. Some local churches spend the day giving food and handing out clothes to the homeless. Or put together some snacks and take a walk through the city, handing them out to the homeless. If all else fails, head to the nearest nursing home and see if they need any help entertaining; like playing cards or sharing a cuppa.

Start a Conversation

Remember most cities are always filled with people travelling or working away from their families and home, so they too are often spending Christmas Day alone. Whilst exploring the city and taking photos, you might come across a few other people doing the same thing. Why not start a conversation with them, you never know what will come out of it – maybe a new friend for life.

If you are spending Christmas alone, and you are feeling overwhelmed by it all, don’t struggle through it by yourself. There are a number of services you can reach out to on Christmas Day, if you just need to talk through your emotions with someone who will listen.

In Australia, head to or call 13 11 44.

In the UK, call The Samaritans on 116 123.

In the US, call The National Suicide Prevention Hotline on 1800 273 8255

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