4 Reasons Why You Should Go Cold Turkey for Your Skin This Halloween



Time to say no to all those Halloween parties – for your skin’s sake. After all, Christmas is only two months away.

Raise your hand if you enjoy a martini (or three) with the squad now and then. OK, we’re all guilty of that. But did you know all that booze can really mess up your complexion?

With the influx of drink-friendly Halloween party Facebook invites this month, you might want to consider going sober for ‘Ocsober’ to treat your skin.

We spoke to beauty clinic Australian Skin Clinics’ National Training Manager, Darlene O’Gara, about how going cold turkey will benefit your skin.

A bunch of people clinking wine glasses at a party.

Going cold turkey doesn’t have to be boring.

Quench the thirst

Ever notice a breakout right the day after that cheeky glass of red? Not to be the bearer of bad news, but drinking alcohol frequently, even if it’s just a glass, can inflame and dehydrate your skin.

According to Darlene: “Dehydration takes fluid out of your skin, resulting in enlarged pores. Over time, it can cause things like ageing and wrinkles to appear ahead of time.

“Going alcohol-free, even just for a month, will give your skin the chance to rehydrate and regenerate, and rehydrated skin is one of the first steps to achieving clearer skin.”

Get your beauty sleep

It’s no secret that going cold turkey will help you get your beauty sleep. Those bad sleep days of waking up the next morning with those ‘designer’ eye bags are over, and you’ll instead wake up feeling more rested.

Darlene says: “Alcohol consumption causes a lack of resilience in the skin. A month of sobriety means small things like dark circles under your eyes will start to reduce and your skin will begin to look more youthful and rested.

“For people who suffer from eczema or an excess of dandruff, going alcohol-free may also reduce the severity of these conditions.”

Be kind to your liver

Your liver has been through a lot, so it’s fair to say it deserves a break. Giving it the time to heal can also give you clearer skin, not to mention improved vision and mood.

Balance is key

Your skin is a delicate organ, so it can easily be messed up by alcohol-related hormonal imbalances. This means that staying ‘Ocsober’ will help your hormones achieve balance, reducing your chance of a frightening breakout and giving you hope that your skin will be as clear as the skies at Bondi.

Darlene says: “Acne can be caused by a wide range of external and internal factors, and alcohol is just one of the possible perpetrators.

“To reduce your chances of a breakout even further, always remember to follow a simple routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising or visit your local Australian Skin Clinics for a free skin assessment and treatment plan.”

Sold that going cold turkey this Halloween is for you? Ocsober is a fundraising initiative that aims to educate Aussie kids about alcohol and drug-related harm. Click here to learn more about what you can do to get involved.

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