Coconut Oil that stays liquid? Yes.



This new premium coconut oil stays liquid no matter how cold it gets.

This premium liquid coconut oil, yes liquid is made with the freshest and most organic coconuts. It has been cold-pressed and is free from cholesterol, chemicals, preservatives and additives. And the best part is, it stays liquid.

Coconut oil is the perfect multi-tasker and can be used not just for cooking, but for multiple general health and well-being issues as well as for many beauty needs

Here are some great ways to use coconut oil, you may not have heard about:

Hair Moisturiser:

Coconut oil has been used for centuries as a unique fat composition oil, which makes it especially beneficial for many hair types. Used as a hair mask, hot oil treatment, or in any homemade hair products it will  help nourish and protect your hair. Try rubbing your scalp daily to stimulate hair growth. Or use a small dab in dry hair to help fight frizzy hair.

Prevents Wrinkles:

As coconut oil is full of natural antioxidant properties, it makes a great natural serum to stop the appearance of wrinkles and fights skin irritations. Many people use coconut oil as a natural moisturiser, especially for dry skin. Try mixing coconut oil with equal parts sugar for a soothing body scrub.

Cures a Cold:

The concentration of beneficial fats in coconut oil, makes it helpful for many digestion problems and its antimicrobial properties help fight irritation and infection in the gut. Coconut Oil has also been known to assist with other health issues, like the treatment of a head cold. Blend a tablespoon into hot tea to help speed recovery from a cold or flu. Or rub a small amount on the inside of your nose, which has been known to help alleviate allergy symptoms.

Eye Makeup Remover:

On its own, coconut oil makes an excellent eye-makeup remover, but did you also know you can use it as a natural makeup brush cleaner? Or try rubbing coconut oil on your cuticles for helping your nails grow. If your lips are always dry and cracked, rubbing a small amount of coconut oil on them will help repair and nourish them.

Coco Earth Premium Liquid Coconut Oil is available from all leading supermarkets for around $13.00

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