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This summer you should have a spot check done.

If you don’t know what a spot check is, it’s when you get all your freckles, moles and any other weird spots on your skin, checked to make sure none of them are cancerous.

According to new research conducted by leading life insurer TAL, 71 per cent of Australians have not had a professional spot check in the last year and 39 per cent of Australian have never had a spot check at all, despite 95 per cent of Australians having a pretty good understanding on the importance of sun safety.

Studies in Australia show at least two in three Australians will be diagnosed with some form of skin cancer before they are 70-years old, which is a pretty scary thought.

Dr Sally Phillips, TAL’s General Manager, Health Services says skin cancer is one of Australia’s most common cancers, with almost 14,000 people estimated to be affected this year. But it is also one of the most easily detectable and preventable.

“More than 2,000 people per day are treated for skin cancer in Australia, that’s 750,000 per year. This number would be significantly lower if people took simple measures to protect themselves, such as committing to a regular professional skin check each year to aid in early detection” She said.

So, to celebrate the start of summer TAL is calling on all Australians to get your spots checked at their series of pop up clinics called TAL SpotChecker, which will be touring across Australia and visiting some of our most iconic beaches over Summer.

Launching successfully in Bondi on Saturday 2nd December, TAL was able to spread the word on the importance of having all your spots (both normal and strange) checked on a regular basis, to help catch any early signs of cancer, should they be there.

“Self-checking is a great first step in early detection for skin cancer, but we always advise Australians to get professional check every year.” Sally said.

And the TAL Spot Checker Pop Ups this summer, really are a great start.

Here’s where they will be over summer:

Surfer’s Paradise, Gold Coast: 16th to 17th December 2017

Federation Square, Melbourne: 27th to 28th January 2018

Henley Beach, Adelaide: 10th to 11th February 2018

City Beach, Perth: 24th to 25th February 2018

Visit tal.com.au/tal-spotchecker to find out more about how to start the summer with confidence.

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  1. What a great initiative. Skin cancer is a scary one since it’s so prevalent, especially in Australia. Hugh Jackman had what, six removed from his face already? I don’t really spend that much time in the sun these days and I’m certainly paying for it with all that time in the sun over the years. Lots of sun damage on my face but I’m slowly reversing the damage though some great skincare.

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