How to go Alcohol-free This Christmas



Skip the gin and tonic this Christmas and try going alcohol-free.

With Christmas around the corner, for many of us it often means our consumption of sugary and alcoholic drinks increases, leaving our inner health feeling a little fried once the silly seasons comes to an end.

This increase in sugary and alcoholic drinks is also bad for mouth hygiene and can often result in damaging  teeth and even lead to tooth decay.

This is due to the rise of PH levels and drop of Alkaline levels in the body. Meaning; if your PH is too high, your body has WAY too much acid.

This is bad for mouth your body and your teeth.

There is some science behind it all.

The PH level of water is around seven and the PH level of your stomach acid is around two. When these two are out of balance and once increases over the other, the result can be felt in your health, particularly when the PH levels are too high.

Bacteria can grow in the body, teeth can decay, you get bad breath from poor mouth hygiene and your body is more vulnerable to colds and flu’s. And yes, you can catch a cold and flu in Summer.

Many alcoholic drinks are often mixed with high sugar drinks, such as cranberry and vodka, gin and tonic which are all high in PH and sugar. Even your classic glass of red or cold glass of beer contains enough sugar and PH which may result in concerning health issues.

But of course, far be it for us to tell you to go cold turkey for Christmas, especially when everyone else is enjoying a festive drink or two to celebrate the end of another year and the beginning of a new one.

If you are looking for an alternative option to stay away from alcoholic drinks – why not try these festive ones instead as a great replacement.

Who said drinking alcohol was festive anyway?. It’s about the company and the celebration, right?

  • Low sugar Cranberry Juice with low sugar ginger beer, topped with mint and lime.
  • Sugar-free Seedlip mixed with Maggie Beer Verjuice.
  • Tonic water mixed with apple juice, topped with lemon and mint
  • Apple cider mixed with cranberry juice and sparkling water.
  • Iced tea (lemon and ginger makes for a festive choice) mixed with sparkling water. Topped with mint and apple.
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