Foods More Hydrating Than Water



Water-filled fruits and vegetables may hydrate more than water.

If you struggle to drink your eight glasses a day, there’s some good news. Eating certain fruits and vegetables may actually be a more effective way of keeping you hydrated.

Dr. Murad has for many years been a big proponent of filling up the diet with foods rich in water – what he dubs “eating your water”.  Dr. Murad’s cult skincare line of the same name, which he founded in 1989. It’s now one of America’s most sought after skincare ranges.

Turns out, eating water-rich foods allows for a slower (and better) absorption of H20 because of the time it takes to digest. And as well as upping hydration levels, these foods also provide an abundance of key vitamins and nutrients that will improve overall health and get you glowing.

Solely relying on straight up drinking water for your hydration may also have undesired consequences. Too much water can flush out essential vitamins, electrolytes and minerals, which might actually dehydrate the body more.

So, which fruits and veggies should you be adding to your shopping list? Dr. Murad says  cucumbers are a great pick, boasting the highest water content of any fruit or veggie at 96%. Watermelons are another delicious choice at 92% water and are rich in lycopene.

Plus, another study in the Experimental and Clinical Sciences Journal found that lycopene, a potent antioxidant, could reduce the incidence of cancer and diabetes.  It can also fight cardiovascular and macular diseases – so watermelon has multiple benefits.

And if you’re looking to rehydrate after exercise, these foods may be twice as effective as a glass of water. Crazy, right?

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