Easter: Friend or Foe? 14 tips to manage sweet temptations.



How is Easter here already? 14 tips to manage sweet temptations.

I swear I only just took down my Christmas tree the other week… It feels like there is chocolate everywhere, from TV to  supermarkets, schools and magazines, all attempting to seduce us with their sugar-laden treats.

Try my Easter tips for a hopping day without undoing all your hard work:

Quality over quantity:

Something important to remember is that not Easter eggs were not all created equally. Repeat after me, quality over quantity. Choose smaller bits of better quality as the darker the chocolate, the better the antioxidants. Darker choc is also generally a bit more bitter too, so you’ll find you’ll eat less.

Don’t bulk buy:

I am putting my foot down NInjas! Don’t buy Easter eggs or hot cross buns in the lead up to Easter and especially don’t bulk buy them. Easter is not an excuse to eat lots of chocolate – I mean, chocolate is available everyday of the year and you haven’t  died once when you walked past them so I promise nothing bad will happen.

The limit does exist:

Set yourself a choccy limit; 1 bunny, 2 eggs and then you are outta there! Go for smaller eggs and hollow bunnies and savour the flavour.

Start your day off right:

Set up your day right with a protein rich breakfast (like eggs or yogurt). Having a protein filled breakfast (I have the best range of healthy yummy breakfasts on TIFFXO.com) to help control your appetite and calorie intake throughout the day.

Sharing is caring:

Once Easter is over, don’t let temptation live in the cupboard. Give them away to neighbours, family and friends and leave the Easter eggs for Easter. Allow yourself a day of smart indulgence and reset for the next day.

Is there more to life than chocolate:

I am here to say YES! There is no rule that says Easter means you have to have choccy eggs.  Being able to have an indulgent moment is still important, but shift the focus away from those sweet treats and treat yo’self in a different way that isn’t food – get a massage, a mani pedi, watch that TV show or draw yourself a bath – something that is a treat for you that isn’t chocolate.

Send the Easter Bunny a different kind of wishlist:

When it’s time to fill that Easter basket up to the brim for the little ones (or the big little ones, I’m looking at you Ed), instead of stuffing it full with eggs and chocolate treats, think about swapping it over for some dried fruit and nuts, fresh fruit or even a toy or game.

Mix it up:
Don’t use this as an excuse to get some serious time with the couch in. Grab the fam and have an extended Easter Hunt, a nice long walk followed by an egg to start the morning. Focus on other things so you’re not tempted to sit in front of the telly, embrace your inner artist and hand paint some eggshells, listen to some music or even find a girlfriend for a walk.

I like to move it move it:

I bet it’s a nice day outside! Go for a walk around the block, do some squats while you’re washing up, squeeze in a TIFFXO workout or challenge the house to a planking challenge. You’ll find you’re thinking less about that bunny in the cupboard and you’ll be relishing in the natural release of endorphins from moving your body.

Get vocal:

Let the people know you’d appreciate gifts that aren’t chocolate. Start the trend yourself by giving fresh flowers, fruit platters, books or even a membership to TIFFXO.

The Anti Chocolate
Eat something ‘anti-chocolate’ – something sour like half a grapefruit, fermented foods, a squeeze of lemon in some water or a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water (ACV is awesome for your gut health and digestion).

Brush brush:

Brush your teeth or use some mouthwash after a chocolate treat to reset. This freshens the taste buds to stop those choccy cravings.

Keep yourself watered:

Make sure you are keeping up with your water!  Water will keep your appetite regulated and even suppress it. Pop some fruit in your water to jazz it up and feel a bit fancy.

Last but certainly not least:

Try my 3 hour rule, every 3 hours is a new day. It’s important to treat every meal as a separate event. This is insurance against an ‘all or nothing’ attitude that can turn one day of eating sugar into a whole week of binge eating.

But also! Enjoy them, don’t feel guilty! It’s only one day – you can reset tomorrow.

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