Don’t Have Time to Chill or Relax? Retreat Yourself Instead



Retreat Yourself is a fabulous new health box delivered right to your door.

It is filled with twelve different types of goodies, from beauty to food to help you live a healthier and happier life.

Inspired by all that’s good for you, from taking one or two steps a day to retreating yourself, this new health box will help you have a mini-vacay each day.

Inside you’ll fine healthy snacks and drinks, soups for dinner (or lunch), essential oils to help keep you calm and relaxed and even a self-tanner when you’re feeling a little less glowy than normal.

The BB team were treated to the Winter Special Retreat Yourself Box which was specially designed to help you fight back any cold and flues and stay warm on the inside (and the outside) whilst the weather is wild, wet and windy out.

BB writer Rebecca Wilkinson test drove the box for the week.

“Loved the concept of this box right away. From the moment you open the box, you are rewarded with loads of great products, a recipe book of easy to make AM to PM foods to help keep you nourished throughout winter and there’s even a daily Retreat Plan to help guide through each product in the box.

I opted to follow the plan, to ensure I was really benefiting from the Retreat Yourself Health Box, and it was an absolute delight to follow.

Open cardboard box with skincare products.
Inside you’ll fine healthy snacks and drinks, soups for dinner (or lunch), essential oils to help keep you calm and relaxed.

The day started with a focus on the Mind and Love, spending five minutes of my morning as soon as I woke up to stretch out all the muscles and breath in new oxygen into the body. A small reminder to myself, when you set yourself an intention of happiness and positivity within the first five minutes after waking up, it really sets the mood for the day.

Right after setting my intention, the plan tells me to grab my essential oil and breath in its benefits. If I had time, I was recommended to drop into my diffuser. I didn’t, so I just enjoyed smelling the oil from the bottle for a minute, which was a combination of lemongrass, peppermint, lime and grapefruit.

Moving on throughout the day, I followed the plan to the letter and found myself obsessing over the Krumbled Foods Beauty Bites – oh yeah. I struggled to eat just one LOL. Simply delicious and coated with a yummy white chocolate which was absolutely mouth-watering.

The plan even included some time out at eleven AM to tune into a wellbeing app and listen to a guided meditation for good measure and make sure you are looking out for number one, yourself. And there’s nothing selfish about that at all.

From seven AM to nine PM, I followed the plan easily enough, enjoying each and every product from the Retreat Yourself Health Box, which also included using a few of the recipes from the book provided, like the Wintery Coconut and Caramelised Banana Porridge – YUM!

My only mistake was, I chose to open the box and follow the plan on a weekday, which did work to a point. But I was a little pressed for time the day I chose to follow the guide and therefore didn’t spend as much time as the plan stated. Sunday’s would be the best day to action this plan to really benefit from the box and make sure you are spending good quality time on yourself.

I mean that is the purpose of the box really, to Retreat Yourself.

Click here for details on how you can order yours now.

Blonde woman smiling with yellow sweater and mug in her hands.
Kate Williams is the founder of Retreat Yourself.
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