Could This Piercing Cure Your Migraines?



If you could cure your migraines forever and simultaneously give yourself a stylish edge, would you do it?

According to Headache Australia, 4.9 million Aussies suffer from migraines, 71% of sufferers being women.

Migraines can be extremely debilitating causing a tightening or throbbing-like ache around areas of the head.

The cause of this neurological issue can be triggered through light or smell sensitivity severely affecting day-to-day life.

With approximately 20% of the Australian population experiencing migraines, there is no wonder why there is a swarm of interest around potential cures.

A 2017 case study found that a patient with chronic migraines discovered that after getting their ear pierced they felt significant relief from their headaches.

The piercing the patient received is called a Daith piercing and is located on the fold of the cartilage just above the entry-point of the ear canal.

A-list celebrities including Kylie Jenner and Zoe Kravitz have sported the trendy piercing for years.

Love heart daith piercing
Love heart Daith piercing.

Healthline found that there are in fact links between acupuncture and migraine relief which lead to why the Daith piercing provided the same type of pain release.

If this is the case, there are very specific pressure points that only an acupuncturist could identify in order to ensure the piercing was performed in the correct spot.

Otherwise, the Daith piercing could worsen the experience of migraines.

It is important to note that the researchers who conducted the 2017 case study stated that “the effect on our patient, as well as other anecdotal reports on the Daith piercing, could have been influenced by the placebo effect”.

According to Psychology Today, the placebo effect is a self-fulfilling phenomenon where a person believes their problem has been solved purely through the expectation of what they think the outcome would be.

With all this in mind, the jury is still out about whether Daith piercing’s are connected to migraine relief.

In the meantime, scientists suggest that migraine sufferers should stick to conventional forms of treatment until their has been more

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