Best Free Apps To Track Your Sleep Without An Apple Watch



Ever wanted to know what your sleep is like? These apps will allow you to track your sleep for free as easily as placing your phone on your bedside table or underneath your pillow. 

Sleep Cycle 

Sleep cycle incorporates an intelligent alarm clock that wakes you up whilst in a light sleep, designed to make you feel energised and aid in natural wake ups. Sleep cycle allows you to understand your sleep providing detailed daily analysis on you sleep patterns.

 When using the app, you don’t have to place your phone in your bed or under your pillow, you can simply place it on your bedside table or on the floor. The app uses sound technology to track movements and record any sounds. The app works interchangeably with Apple Health which exchanges your sleep analysis and heart rate. 

Pillow Automatic Sleep tracker 

This app requires the user to place their phone or iPad next to their pillow upon heading to sleep. Similarly, to sleep cycle, the app has a built in smart alarm clock which wakes you up within a set window when you are in a light sleep pattern. 

Pillow Sleep tracker has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes and The Washington Post as one of the best sleep tracker apps for iPhone users. 


Sleepzy is a great app in terms of setting sleep goals and tracking sleep debt. The app allows you, not only to sleep long enough, it focuses on the quality of your sleep, ensuring you also sleep well enough. The app suggests adjustments you can make to your daily habits in order to improve the quality of your sleep. 

Sleepzy also provides the option of relaxing sleep sounds to assist in falling asleep faster. The app also provides a daily weather forecast first thing in the morning after turning your alarm off so you can prepare for the day ahead easily.   

Sleep time 

Sleep time has 35 million users and was named the #1 sleep analysis app in 9 countries, including Australia. The app allows you to back up your sleep data on the cloud and provides weekly and monthly comparison graphs to see how your sleep is hopefully improving. 

“The app has fulfilled the need for an accurate, state-of-the-art algorithm for sleep analysis,” Dr. Paul Zei, Stanford University said. 

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