The art of meditating on a candle



If you like candles, you’ll love candle gazing, the art of meditating whilst looking at a candle.


The art of meditating on candles has been practised for many years.

For the many people who struggle with meditation, using a candle could be the way to focus and find a way forwards to appreciating and valuing the art of meditating.

British fragrance creator Jonathon Ward was in Sydney this week, and spoke to Bondi Beauty about the many benefits candles can bring to your life.

“Beautiful candles can help ground your life,” he says. “Just burning them in the home creates a beautiful feeling. Candle gazing is the art of pausing, taking a few minutes – or as long as wish- to look into the flame, breathing deeply and meditating. I encourage people to try it, as it is very powerful.”


Jonathon Ward’s beautiful Scarlett Te Candle

Candle gazing or trataka is a yoga technique for cleansing that has been around for centuries. The candle is used as a tool to keep you focused on the present moment and to help block out other thoughts.


Candles evoke emotion in many people.

Ward says it is stories which lead him to his hand made candle creations, and guide him on the delicate balance of fragrance within each one. “I am inspired by stories – my own often which are from childhood or those I discover,” he says.”I usually bring out a new fragrance twice a year as long as I’m inspired.”

Ward uses premium raw materials;  “The candles contain around 15% beeswax, an elevator of fragrance, as well as ethically handled natural North American soy wax.”

And as an added bonus, the candles come in beautiful Italian whiskey glasses, which after careful washing can be used for drinking when the candle is finished.


Ward’s latest release candle is Scarlett Te, created after Jonathon read a story about three trees growing on a mountain in northern china which were protected for centuries by locals for their precious leaves.

*Bondi Beauty was not paid to write about Jonathon ward or his candles, if we’re paid to write about a product or person, we’ll tell you.

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