5 Tips For Staying Healthy Whilst Travelling



Travelling for the Christmas holidays? Here are seven ways to safeguard your health whilst travelling.

It’s important to stay healthy when travelling. whether you;’re travelling overseas, or staying closer to home. Feeling strong and healthy over the Christmas break means you can enjoy more time with friends and family – wherever you may be.

Here are five ways to stay strong and healthy before and during the Christmas holidays:

IV Health Boost:

To help your body adjust with any time differences whilst travelling, especially overseas and oil long-haul flights, get yourself an IV Health Boost.

If you don’t know what this is, it’s when a specialist comes to your house (or you visit a specialist clinic) and have specific vitamins and minerals put into the body via an IV. This ranges from zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin B, and D3. All of which boost the immune system and prep the body for travel.

Or book yourself for an IV after you return from travel, when you need to rehydrate the body and recover from any jet lag you may be experiencing.

Eat Clean:

Clean eating is nothing new, and there is loads of research to back the idea of adopting a more clean and green diet, by introducing more plant-based foods into your diet. These include better insulin levels, improved heart health, weight-loss, a reduction in migraines, and overall aches and pains throughout the body.

This is a result of the high magnesium levels found is most green foods. Magnesium is essential for optimum body health, and most people just don’t get enough in their diet.

Increasing your magnesium consumption, through use of eating a more plant-based diet, with help you maintain a healthy immune system and it has also proven to assist with skin concerns, hair health and gut health. All of which are vitally important to staying fit and healthy before, during and after travel.

Read the team’s top healthy tips here for some advise on how you get started with clean eating.

Exercise Before Travel

Let’s be honest, exercising regularly is great any time of the year. If you’re prepping for a long-haul flight overseas, upping the ante of your daily fitness routine (or starting one before travel) will help your body deal with prolonged period of wait time in airports and sit down times when on the plane.

When you exercise, blood and oxygen flows better throughout the body, reducing any blockages and also prevents the onset of varicose veins, which often happens to many travellers on long flights when there is not enough blood through through the body.

Read our interview with Sam Wood here where he chats about how travelling can affect your health.

Get Travel Insurance:

It’s something so many Australians still overlook. If you already have health insurance, make sure you check what your plan offers with travel insurance and what benefits are provided, in the event you get sick whilst travelling. Especially when you’re going overseas.

Some travel insurance packages with health insurance companies won’t provide you with everything you need, like medications or in-house doctors appointments in the even you need a house call from a local surgery to come check on you when you get sick.

Make sure you are covered for everything you think you may need. It’s better to be safe than sorry when travelling. We recommend writing a list of everything you think you need to be covered for whilst travelling, including loss of baggage or stolen items, to ensure you get the best cover for you and your loved ones.

Do Your Research:

Are you travelling overseas to an exotic location? Do your research on what the water is like, what diseases might be there, and what the best ways are to protect yourself if you’re travelling there.

Perhaps chatting to your doctor about any health concerns regarding a country you’re travelling to will also help you decide on how to best protect yourself.

Most GP’s will have a health access guide, where they can enter in the destination you are travelling to and it will give them a fill listing of any vaccinations or medications you may need to stay healthy whilst visiting. Of course, leave yourself plenty of time before travelling to do this, as you may need vaccinations a few months prior to travel.

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