3 Best Strategies to Sleep Better and Stress Less



Bondi Beauty Talks to sleep specialist and certified psychologist Olivia Arezzolo about how to reduce stress through better sleep.

Olivia Arezzolo is a Sydney-based sleep psychologist who has spent 8 years training in psychology, sleep and nutritional medicine.

Bondi Beauty spoke to Olivia about how to reduce stress through improving sleep. Here are Olivia’s top 3 evidence based, proven tips on how to get a better night’s sleep.

  1. Get Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Light impacts processes by telling the brain when it is time to sleep, so regulating your exposure to harmful light in the evening can help prevent insomnia.

Research has found that blue light from devices and room lighting causes a 90 minute delay to your sense of tiredness,” Olivia said.

“This can be avoided by purchasing a quality pair of blue-light blocking glasses.”

However, some blue light glasses brands only block 10 – 50% of blue light, so ensure that you are finding the highest percentage possible, such as these from Olivia Arrezolo’s own line which, are able to block 100% of blue light.

Other brands such as Quay Australia and Oscar Wylee have lower grade blue light blocking glasses that are more aesthetic for use during the day, but its best to find a high performance pair to wear for 2-3 hours before bed.

  1. Curate a Sleep Sanctuary:

Create a space that has no distractions and that is peaceful. Olivia recommends the use of essential oils that help reduce anxiety and improve insomnia.

“I have recently been using Oil Garden Sleep Assist in the evening which is a blend of lavender, sweet orange and chamomile. It smells divine and utilises evidence-based herbs which help reduce anxiety and improve insomnia,” Olivia said.

Olivia recommends the use of lavender and chamomile in your bedroom to create a beautiful sleeping space.

“Reducing light and distraction by removing laptops and Tv’s from your bedroom is also key,” she said.

  1. Get support over time. 

If you’re really struggling to get to sleep you need to find out why, and how to fix it. Sleep specialists like Olivia are the best way to understand why you can’t get to sleep, and make changes to ensure that you are getting higher quality sleep for longer periods of time.

“Sleep is a permanent and deeply important feature in your life,” Olivia said, “make sure you’re getting ongoing advice from a professional, like yours truly.”

“I have just launched my online program, the 6 week sleep solution which combined psychology, physiology and nutrition advice to help you get to sleep, stay asleep and wake up refreshed.”

Insomnia and other sleep-related stress can be caused by many things, so speaking to someone who knows what they are talking about is always the best bet.

Click here for more information on Olivia Arezzolo’s sleep programs, products and tips.

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