8 Easy Self-Changes To Focus On In 2018



It’s the same every year. By now, you have over-indulged in too much food, and feel run down and tired.

By the time the holiday season comes to a complete end, you are now full steam ahead again. And any type of rest and relaxation, you may have caught up on, has now been left in a dust cloud, as you charge into 2018.

But remember, the beginning of any New Year is a great time to reflect on where you went wrong in the previous year. To take the time, sit back and focus on what small changes you want to make within yourself, to help you become a better version of yourself in 2018.

Here are eight simple, but meaningful changes you can adopt to set yourself up for success this year:

Take time out for yourself:

Take break from technology every once and while, and the the time to unplug, recharge and reconnect with yourself. This allows you to regain control and focus on your day to day life challenges and targets. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media pages, try doing some meditation and embark on a mini digital detox at least once a week.

Eat organic whole foods:

Ditch the processed foods from your regular diet and switch to a better balanced diet of organic whole foods. When eating cleaner foods; like vegetables, unprocessed meats and fruits, you provide the body with many essential vitamins, minerals and fiber needed to maintain optimal health. This isn’t just good for your body, but your mind as well. Healthy body = healthy mind, as the saying goes.

Adopt a meat-free day once a week:

you don’t need to go completely vegan, or vegetarian, but giving yourself a break from eating meat every once in a while has proven to be very good for the body. Why? Because it gives the body time to break down meat better. Studies have shown when you eat meat every day, it can often sit in your gut, taking more than the required time to break down, as the body is unsure of how to process all that meat. Clean the system with fresh vegetables instead. For all you veggie eating newbies, try swapping two of meals in the day, with a nutritious packed smoothie shake, like Healthyroo’s superfood protein formula. Formulated with Australian Certified Organic pea and brown rice protein, a range of superfoods including chia seeds, quinoa and spirulina, this vegan-friendly shake will help rid your body of toxins and boost the immune system.

Workout with a friend:

Studies have shown you are more motivated to exercise harder, when working out with someone else. That doesn’t mean you have to go hard at the gym with the weights, or boxing. Grab your bestie and schedule a daily work out with them, either in the morning or evening. If you can’t get to the gym together, try walking instead. Walking for thirty minutes a day has proven to be a great way to kick start your metabolism for the day, and you get to spend that extra time chatting with your bestie before heading off to work.

Drink more water:

Water cleanses the mind, body and soul. We all know this, yet we still don’t drink enough. Go out and get yourself a good water bottle. There are so many trending right now, with cool logos and prints splashed all over them. Drinking water before you eat is a handy way to help fill you and cut down on the amount of food you’re eating also. If you can, try and drink approx 2L of water a day.

Lower your sugar intake:

Now that Christmas and New Year’s have well and truly passed, time to cleanse the body from all the sugar indulged over the festive period. Drinking lots of water, cutting down on processed foods and spending some quality time preparing good food in the kitchen is a good place to start, when you want to cut down on your sugar. Do some research online for some sweet alternative treat recipes, to help with the sugar cravings.

Create a bedtime routine:

Maintaining a regular sleep pattern is so important and we seldom focus on the importance of sleep in the busy world we live in. A good way to start, is be regulating what time you wake every morning. Studies have shown it’s not about what time you go to sleep, but what time you wake up. Give yourself a time of a morning, where you would be happy to wake at that same time very day. From there, you will naturally find yourself going to bed earlier too.

Keep a positive attitude:

Whether it’s with your 2018 fitness goals, the start of a new business idea, or working out a new budget to accommodate for that dream three month holiday you want to take next Christmas, stay focused by keeping yourself positive in your dreams. At Bondi Beauty, we love motivation and inspirational quotes. Start a new routine, where you begin your day with a positive affirmation. Not only will this inspire you for the day, it will also ensure your day is filled with positive energy to be passed on to everyone around you also.

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