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Who doesn’t love the holiday season? Christmas movies, carols and who doesn’t love unwrapping a pressie or two? The Holiday Season is supposed to be fun and festive but it can also go down that exhausting and stressful road. 

You need to plan and organise, shopping and holiday crowds are not on a fun level, personalities can clash and you worry if the war is over between Uncle Pete and Auntie Marjorie and all of a sudden you’ve spent too much money and your child is demanding yet another candy cane.

To keep you calm and collected, try these five ideas to keep you cooler than a cucumber. 

1.    Don’t forecast your day

It’s easy to paint a picture-perfect situation in our heads and it can be upsetting when everything doesn’t turn out as we had planned. Maybe the food gets burned, you don’t get to spend as much time with the people you wanted to spend time with, or maybe you just feel a bit underappreciated after the massive Ninja-sized effort you made. 

Some people place a whole bunch (or not nearly enough) significance on particular holiday rituals and if you’re spending time with people outside of your family, it can be challenging to adapt to their holiday traditions. 

There are a lot of things you can’t control but one of the things you can? Is how much you let those things niggle at you. It’s okay to feel disappointed! But try not to let it spoil your day and all of the hard work you put in. 

2. It’s a no from me (and that’s okay)  

The festive season brings an office party here, neighbourhood drinks there, catch up with your mother’s group and all of a sudden you worry if you’ll even have time to cook a turkey on the day. With all of the celebrating of the silly season, it can feel you’re out every night. 

Wanna know a secret? It’s actually okay to say no, especially if you’re feeling tired and overwhelmed. If you say yes when reallllly you wanted to say no, you’re just going to spend the evening feeling resentful and will bankrupt your energy making you less exciting and willing to go to other events that you may be more interested in.  

When the family time comes around (and I’m talking stepfamilies, in-laws and extended family), be firm and clear in what you can (and want to) manage and prioritise your own needs. It’s okay and necessary to set boundaries for the sake of your own mental wellbeing. 

3.  Dollar dollar bills

One thing that isn’t so silly about the silly season? The fact that it can be a very expensive time of the year. Have an honest look at what you can afford to spend on gifts and activities and try not to go over it. 

If you find you have to provide for a lot of people and finances don’t quite cover it, consider other cost-effective options, like a family group Kris Kringle or buying for one person only. If that’s not an option, get creative! Make something or offer a service (like babysitting…what time can you be here?!) in lieu of a gift. Don’t spend money you don’t have just to keep up appearances (it’s bucket, not bouquet). The last thing you need to start your new year is a debt to pay off. 

4. Take the time to breathe 

We are all generally busier than bees at this frantic time of the year with much to organise, plan and do. It is vital you keep up your “me minutes” and give yourself a chance to defrost the Christmas stresses and recharge your batteries. 

Maybe it’s some meditation time, a cheeky nap, painting your nails, reading a book or just hanging in the sun drinking some tea. You may think you’re too busy for breaks, what are you even thinking Tiff!! But, by taking regular breaks you’ll renew your energy so you get more done. Plus your patience will grow and you’ll be able to handle those difficult people and situations with a lot more ease. 

5. Say thank you

When you’re on your last nerve and every single person seems a bit crankier than usual, taking a moment to count your blessings can be just the thing to help keep your perspective and shift your mood back into the positive land.  

Crowds and people can be more annoying than ants at a picnic and when things don’t go to plan or your credit card bill keeps climbing it can be stressful! But also the definition of a #firstworldproblem. Take the take to practise your gratitude and if you can, take some time to give to a cause or charity. Sometimes just having a cuppa and remembering how lucky you are is just the ticket. 

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