Natural Hand Made Chocolates infused with immunity? Yes.



Sydney Nutrition Coach Claudia Graham has a booming business, Pixiehands, selling vegan, raw protein chocolates infused with natural immunity to boost health.

She delivered a batch of her raw protein chocolate to BB HQ, and we are absolutely hooked on these delicious, vegan, treats.

The best thing about these healthy vegan chocolates is not only do they taste fantastic, they have immunity properties, and no artificial ingredients so they are actually good for your health.

They are highly sought after all over Sydney, and athletes, vegans, people with diabetes and anyone wanting a healthy indulgence loves them.

I chatted to her about her business.

“When I started six years ago there was nothing in the way of a vegan or raw treat. This raw chocolate actually tastes so much better than a bar in a packet,” Claudia explains, (and we agree).

two women with black clothing standing in garden with trees
Renae with Bondi’s healthy, vegan chocolatier Claudia Graham from Pixiehands

“I started making vegan chocolates for friends, as an experiment and as a creation, and I didn’t know if they would work or not.

“And the feedback was strong -people kept telling me how great they tasted. I really didn’t know they were that good, but it all went from there.

I am passionate about making health, tasty chocolate. I use all natural ingredients including rice malt or coconut syrup, almond butter and orange chocolate, nut butters, coconut oil, adaptogenic herbs, organic mushroom powders, raw protein, and low or no sugar.

Vegan is a cooking method I have always understood, and a vegan recipe worked best with the treats”

7 dark circular chocolates on brown wooden plate
Healthy, vegan, raw chocolates with immunity from Pixiehands

Graham has been a nutrition coach for over 3 years, and a PT for 5, and her own health journey led her to investigate and pursue a career in health and nutrition.

“I had anorexia when I was younger, and I don’t think anyone should be counting calories. Being in tune with your body is key, and balance is crucial.

“It’s 100% important people have vegetables and fruit every day and it has to be a variety. I work with people to eat in a way that works for them. I get to know their lifestyles and likes and dislikes and take it from there.

Everyone likes a reward, and often that means something sweet.”

The chocolates come in a range of flavours including peanut butter caramel, almond orange, vanilla tahini, mint chocolate and berry.

Graham shared with us a recipe for her vegan chocolate which you can even make yourself.

For more from Pixiehands, and to order some Pixiehands chocolates, check out @claudiagraham.pixiehands

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