Flicking the Booze Before Christmas? Why not?



When I look back on my calendar, I seem to find myself at a health retreat somewhere in the world every January. And that makes sense, right?

After the hectic and calorie filled festive season, a January detox offers the chance to disconnect from the madness and re-connect with myself.

Last year it was Sri Lanka, the year before, India. 

But this year I’ve decided to mix things up and go to an aryuvedic retreat in December – like next week, so before Christmas. I won’t have my children with me, so why not?

I met Trinny last month, and she also inspired me as she doesn’t drink. And if another British idol Kate Moss can (reportedly) give up booze for a year, I can certainly give it a kick for a few months and miss a few parties.

Yes, I will miss a lot of parties. But this offers a few potential advantages in the clean living stakes, as well as some major hurdles;

  1. The first is it reduces the number of Christmas parties I’m going to as I’m away before Christmas kicks in so I am not actually around to go to them. It means I will avoid the extra calories in both food and booze. Plus I have had to learn to attend Christmas parties and stay sober.
  2. Secondly, I have had to get clean before I go. So my alcohol intake has dropped by 90%, along with my consumption of food preservatives and chemicals.
  3. And thirdly I’ve upped my exercise to prepare. Usually I’m at my lowest fitness level in December due to blocks of time lost at social events. This year it’s the opposite. I’m feeling fit and fab.

It has not been easy, but I am someone who likes a challenge. And as time has gone on, missing out has become easier. 

And lets face it, my January de-tox is going to be a breeze.

I figure I have lived through a load of Christmas parties and celebrations. This year I am mixing it up, and going to see where it takes me.

And all in the name of fitness and health.

I’ll let you know how I go 🙂 X

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Renae Leith


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