We road test the Lorna Jane Fitness Challenge



Bondi Beauty India Witzand road tested the Lorna Jane Fitness Challenge with surprising results.


Our own India Witzand road tested the Lorna Jayne Fitness Challenge.


If there’s one thing that just has never been my ‘thing’ it’s exercise. My idea of fitness is a stroll along the beach, or a quick, fast paced walk to the corner store. By no means would you find me jogging it out in Centennial park… until now.

Earlier this year, leading active wear brand Lorna Jane launched a brand new Fitness Challenge for women all over the country. In order to fight the increase of obesity in Australian women, Lorna Jane has developed a challenge so inviting even I took it on.

The program aims to have its participants move, be nourished and believe that they can do and be anything they put their mind to. With daily incentives, quick and delicious recipes and fun and easy routines this program is ideal for anyone with a hectic and busy lifestyle, plus unlike most 12 week challenges, you can join anytime.

For you skeptics out there, believe me I was hesitant to try it. Being a non fitness junkie I thought this was just another regular 12 week program, designed to get you inspired to lose weight and get fit but produce limited results, this is not that.


India prepared healthy, light meals for the program.

The secret to this challenge is the 12 week Active Living Planner provided for you, and if used daily, works like a miracle. The planner is a food, exercise and mental diary, helping you record your everyday activities, from how much water you drank to whether you got enough sleep last night.

It invites you to jot down your daily goals and instead of having you look and what you didn’t do, it inspires you to look at what you have already achieved. This planner has made a real difference to how I relate to exercise and keeping on track with a fitness challenge.

Complete with your own Clean and Simple Eating recipe book and nutrition plan, eating has never been so enjoyable. All the recipes are fresh, clean and full of flavor, plus low cost so they’re perfect for any student on a budget.

The challenge comes with an exercise plan, designed for you to match it to your lifestyle. From indoor workouts, outdoor routines, gym exercises and fun activities you can base your fitness intensity on the plans provided. Trust me fitness has never been so easy!

The program was set up by Lorna Jane Clarkson as a response to the overwhelming obesity rates in Australia. Clarkson says “Obesity is responsible for the rapid escalation of type 2 diabetes as well as heart attacks and strokes and something needs to be done to stop this epidemic. I hope this challenge teaches women how to make the right food choices and shows how easy it is to make moving your body a part of your everyday routine and we can turn this epidemic around.

Active Living is about moving your body every day, nourishing with healthy food and believing anything is possible if you’re willing to work for it. I honestly believe that if you incorporate Move Nourish and Believe into your daily life you will look and feel absolutely amazing.”

The LJ Fit Challenge has made a really big impact on how I now relate to eating healthy and staying fit. 6kg ago I was a skeptic, but now I’m just damned inspired. I’m 9 weeks in and ready to sprint my way to the finish line!

So who’s ready to join me?

Available online now and in all Lorna Jane stores for $100.00.

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