The easiest way to teach yourself to eat well and lose weight for life.



The sound of healthy, home delivered meals didn’t get us excited at Bondi Beauty until we tried them for 3 days and were transformed.


Dietlicious makes life easier, simpler and healthier.

We are all pressed for time, and eating well balanced, healthy, low fat meals under time pressure is never easy. One of the many advantages of home delivered meals is you re-educate yourself about what a day of healthy eating actually is, what healthy food looks and tastes like and how easy it can be if you get organised.

Bondi Beauty spoke to Fiona Gray from the company to find out why celebrities, sports people and everyone in-between loves their meals.

What was the inspiration behind the company?

A: Our sister company, Gourmet Dinner Service, has been established for 20 years as a leader in the home delivered dinner market. Our customers kept asking for a weight loss range, so we gave it to them – that’s how dietlicious was born. It is the same quality of gourmet food, just in the right portions. Dietlicious has just celebrated it’s 3rd birthday.

Why do people use Dietlicious?

A: To lose weight, kickstart a healthy eating plan, cleanse/detox or just to enjoy the convenience of having delicious meals on hand that have been made with fresh, all natural ingredients. We have gluten free, diabetic, no sugar, dairy free + low GI among our choices.

How does it work (eg meals get dropped off frozen, you re-heat them)

Meals are delivered to your door in a stay fresh box. Some are frozen + others are fresh (vacuum packed) so you just need to heat/cook + eat.

What makes your meals different to other diet delivery services?

The calibre of our produce + cooking. We source the best possible ingredients + then our executive chef Sebastien (who comes from a Michelin starred background) works his culinary magic on them.

What about exercise?

While we do advocate exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle plan, this is very much an individual thing + what we recommend will vary from person to person and also be dependent on what plan they are on.

How long does it take to get results?

Again this will vary according to the individual. With regards to weight loss the Cleanse plan yields the best results, with most people losing several kilos.

How long do you recommend people stay on the meals for and what is the long-term plan to keep the weight off?

We recommend people try to achieve their goal weight + then maintain it. The beauty about going on a plan is that you learn about portion control, get to break bad eating habits and replace it with healthy eating habits. This empowers you to keep weight off for the long-term.

*Dietlicious delivered meals for Bondi Beauty for 3 days so we could road-rest the brand.

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