The Six Superfoods you should eat every day



Want to look younger? Eat these super foods daily for a fresher face, mind and body.


Blake Lively always looks natural and healthy and it’s reported she follows a healthy diet and is aware of super foods.

1) Blueberries: Packed with anti-oxidants, blueberries are one of the great superfoods of our time. They help combat free radicals that can damage cell structure and DNA. Eat these daily to stay young.

2) Garlic: Antibacterial, antufungal and antiviral properties are packed into this ltitle gem which helps fight disease. Research has shown it helps fight colorectal, stomach and prostate cancer if eaten six times a week or more.

3) Broccoli: Sulfur compounds in broccoli have been shown to help fight cancer. They send signals to our genes to boost production of enzymes that fight cancer. (The healthiest way to cook it is by steaming)

4) Cinnamon : It has been proven to improve blood sugar in people with diabetes. It can help prevent blood clots and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

5)Oats: Oats contain a fibre called beta-glucen which helps lower blood cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart attack.

6) Olive Oil helps lower LDL ( bad) cholesterol and raises HDL or good cholesterol, thanks to its monosaturated fats. The Europeans have known this for years, and just check out some Greeks and Italians in their 80’s for proof of the power of olive oil.

What’s your favourite superfood?


Renae Leith-Manos


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