Yummy Gluten-Free Chocolate Truffles for Christmas



Looking for a chocolate treat this Christmas, that’s actually good for you?

Sydney based Dietician and Nutritionist, Caroline Trickey, shares a delicious Gluten-Free Chocolate truffle recipe:

This recipe makes 12 truffles


  • 8 of The Food Crafters cookies (12-pack mini cookies) (foodcrafters.com.au)
  • 1 ½ tablespoons your choice of liquid – Baileys, Malibu, orange juice, coconut cream etc.
  • Optional – orange zest (recommended for Jaffa version)

 To decorate:

  • Dark chocolate, melted
  • Raw cacao powder
  • Desiccated coconut
  • Ground nuts of choice – our favourite is pistachios!
  • Ground ginger


  1. Crumble up eight Food Crafters cookies of choice into bowl of food processor
  2. Add liquid of choice and zest if using
  3. Process for a few seconds or until completely combined
  4. Using a teaspoon, scoop out mix and roll into balls
  5. Roll in choice of garnish

Recommended combos

  • Jaffa – Raw cacao cookies with orange juice and orange zest – roll in melted chocolate and decorate with extra orange zest
  • Ginger and Date cookie with orange zest – roll in a mixture of raw cacao powder and powdered ginger (1 tbsp. cacao powder + ½ tsp ground ginger)
  • Double coconut cookies with coconut cream – roll in desiccated coconut
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