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There’s nothing like food to feed the soul. With all the extra time spent at home it’s the perfect opportunity to try new recipes and experiment with new ingredients and flavours.

Here’s what the Bondi Beauty team are currently drooling over.


My housemate and I have taken a leaf out of the movie ‘Julie & Julia’ with Amy Adams and Meryl Streep and have decided to make a meal together every week.

My housemate is a vegetarian, and since the paandemic I’ve realised the importance of incorporating even more micronutrients into my diet, so we’ve been choosing recipes from Jamie Oliver’s cookbook VEG.

Last week we made the Malaysian Style Veg Noodles and it was absolutely delicious! This challenge has been a super fun activity for us to do together as well as a way to foster our culinary skills and experiment with new foods and recipes.

Poke bowl
Vegetables are full of micro nutrients

Renae says: BROWNIES

Sugar Free Chocolate Brownies. The recipe is a huge hit not just with me but with the whole household, as the brownies are not too sweet but just the trick when I need a quick sweet treat. I add berries sometimes or various nuts. Yum!

Rebecca says: MOUSSE

I have recently discovered a recipe for Vegan Mousse, made using Aquafaba. If you don’t know what that is, it’s the juice found in the tin with Chickpeas. This mousse recipe is next level and tastes crazy delicious.

All you need is Dark Chocolate (preferably one which is dairy free and vegan) and Aquafaba. You melt the dark chocolate, and then whip the Aquafaba until it forms soft peaks. Mix in the dark chocolate, pop into small dishes (or a big one), then refrigerate for at least six hours and viola. Fluffy dark chocolate vegan mousse.


Since the the Coronavirus shutdown, I’ve had a lot more time to bake and cook, a hobby that was previously lost to the normal 9-5 grind of work and uni. In particular, right now, I’m loving baking bread with my boyfriend. It’s such a fun activity to do together, and it’s been even more beneficial because supermarkets are frequently running out of bread, which is definitely a staple in my diet.

Recently for a special treat, we made a garlic and rosemary infused road loaf, and turned it into a cob loaf full of cheese, sour cream and other indulgent creamy goodness. Whilst not necessarily the best for the waistline, it was a delicious treat to share with my housemates over a glass of wine (or five)

Recipes To Get You Through Lockdown

Anisha says: SWEET TREATS 

As a certified sweet-tooth, I have crowned myself the dessert queen of my house.

In the past week alone, I have made a Cheesecake, Butterscotch Pudding, and a Caramel Mud Cake. I love getting my recipes from Tanya Burr’s cookbook – Tanya Bakes.

 My all-time favourite recipe from that book is her take on Salted Nutella Cookies which always seem to be a hit with my family and friends. 

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