Protein Balls – are they the right fuel for your workout?



Wholefood nutritionist Terese Boyce talks to Bondi Beauty about the value of protein balls to your fitness routine.



Protein balls can contain superfoods like coconut, acai, goji berry and cacao making them incredibly nutrient dense.

Sydney whole food nutritionist Terese Boyce has been hired by Bounce protein balls to educate us about protein balls and why and how they can work for us.

When should we eat protein balls (before or after exercise) and in each case, how do they provide energy?  The key to exercise nutrition is simple; you should be eating carbohydrate based snacks pre training and a protein plus carbohydrate combination post training. Carbohydrates provide energy to power you through your training sessions while a protein / carbohydrate combination post training will help your body to repair, recover and refuel. Bounce balls are the perfect pre and post training options as they provide both carbohydrates and protein.

What is in protein balls?Bounce balls contain the perfect mixture of protein, carbohydrates, fats and fibre. They also contain superfoods like coconut, acai, goji berry and cacao making them incredibly nutrient dense.

How can we ascertain which protein balls and bars are natural, and which have chemicals/unnatural ingredients? This can be really tricky as natural ingredients can have unfamiliar names, for example tocopherol is another word used for vitamin E often used as an antioxidant. I think the easiest thing to look for is numbers, if a product has a long list of unfamiliar names and numbers then you know it is not naturally based. If there is an ingredient you are not familiar with then research it. We all need to become more educated with ingredients.

Why are chemicals in protein bars bad for us? Artificial chemicals, additives and sweeteners can have negative impact to our health. Some artificial sweeteners can cause gastrointestinal and neurological issues. Artificial colours can impact behaviour and mood and certain preservatives can cause adverse reactions including bronchial problems and asthma. As humans we really should be eating natural foods as close to nature as possible.

Bounce protein balls are large – can we over-indulge on protein balls? It is like everything – moderation is key. Bounce balls are formulated as healthy snacks to be included between meals or pre/ post training. Bounce balls should be enjoyed as a part of an active lifestyle and a balanced diet. Main meals should be full of seasonal vegetables, organic protein and health fats; Bounce balls are then perfect to fill in the gaps.


How can we be sure we wont feel ill (whilst exercising) from taking in too many calories in protein balls before exercise? You should be consuming your pre-training snack 60 minutes before exercise, this will give your digestive system time to digest and provide your body with the energy to exercise. Bounce balls contain the perfect amount of calories to fuel your body without weighing down your digestive system.

What about the sugar levels in protein balls – how much sugar is ok for us? What you are looking for is the total carbohydrates; Bounce balls contain around 20g of carbohydrates per ball, this is equivalent to the carbohydrates of a large apple. For busy, active people this is the perfect amount of carbohydrates to consume within a snack. What you should also remember is consuming a combination of carbohydrates, protein and fat will provide a slow release of energy, this slow realise is ideal for managing our blood sugar and energy levels.



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