3 New Gluten-Free Products To Get Excited About



We tracked down three gluten-free products that taste amazing.

According to The Allergen Bureau, approximately four million Australians suffer from food allergies or intolerances. This makes the need for healthy, allergen-friendly products more important than ever.

With so many gluten-free products flooding the market, it’s difficult to know what’s good and what’s bad for you, with many of these foods containing empty calories, and very little nutritional value.

Here’s three new products on the market, which are both gluten-free and good for you due to their nutritional value.

The Protein Bread Co:

44% of adults in Australia, the UK and the US say food restrictions, food allergies, or the need to avoid particular ingredients, dictate what they eat. The Protein Bread Co has developed a wide range of packaged recipes like bread mixes, cakes and pancakes, so the everyday cook can indulge in food they love without the guilt. All recipes are high in protein, low in carb, gluten-free and made with natural ingredients, predominately sourced from Australian ingredients only.

We like the pancake mix, which is perfect for Sunday morning brunch.

Yummy choice of gluten-free foods from The Protein Bread Co and cookies The Food Crafters.

The Food Crafters:

Specialising in healthy cookies, which are gluten-free and made from delicious ingredients like honey, coconut and buckwheat, The Food Crafters have created the perfect treat for people suffering from a wide range of food allergies. Owners of The Food Crafter’s, France and David, have sourced natural and healthy Australian ingredients that meet the trifecta of dietary requirements, nutrition and taste.

Try the ginger and date cookie, it’s like Christmas in a cookie.

Orgran Gluten-Free Foods:

Founded and created in 1984, Orgran recognised there was a need in the marketplace to cater for Australians with food allergies. Specialising in natural, gluten and allergy-free foods since it began, Orgran has now become a trusted brand for people suffering from gluten allergies, coeliacs in particular. Their food items, which range from cereals to pasta, have been designed for better health and nutrition, and no hidden nasty ingredients.

The delicious Buckwheat Spiral Pasta by Orgran Gluten-Free Foods

If you miss pasta, try their yummy buckwheat spirals – an excellent source of protein.

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