Hibiscus Latte? Cutting Down On Caffeine. Here’s how.



There are some amazing new ways to cut down in caffeine with a new wave of designer coffees.

If you’ve stepped foot inside a cafe of late you may have noticed people bypassing the normal round of coffees for something resembling a latte, but with a green or soft golden hue.

If you’re still confused by what these colourful creations are, we have compiled a list of all of the exciting new coffee alternatives available if you’re trying to cut down on caffeine and spice up your morning drinks run.

Blue Algae Latte

Another super powder that is increasingly being added to our coffee menus is Blue Green Algae. With the nutrients to aid immune, endocrine, nervous, gastrointestinal, and cardiovascular systems, as well as lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels, reducing inflammation, and protecting against stress, who wouldn’t want to try this Smurf inspired latte?

Cacao Coconut Latte

To the untrained eye, this delicious sounding drink could pass as a chocolatey – tropical coffee. However, unfortunately, the Cacao Coconut Latte is just a very fancy (and very healthy) take on the Hot Chocolate. When made correctly, a Cacao Coconut Latte is every vegan’s dream: 70% hot chocolate powder made from raw cacao powder and grated cacao butter, mixed through organic coconut milk. Did someone day YUM?!

Chai Latte

The humble chai latte. A delicious combination of steamed and frothed milk with cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, star anise, black tea, nutmeg and cloves.

Dandelion Latte

If you’re looking for a caffeine free alternative to your regular coffee, this relatively unknown treat could be for you! A combination of carob, figs, barley and almonds not only delivers a fantastic dose of nutrients and vitamins, but it also replicates that deliciously rich coffee flavour we all know and love.

Gingerbread Latte

If you’re looking for a delicious mix of sweet and savoury, then this latte could be for you! With a truly homemade recipe feel of nutmeg, peppercorn, allspice berries, cloves, blackstrap molasses and fresh ginger this delicious drink will have you getting all those winter feels while giving you a super health boost! The combination of the ingredient all provide aid to your immune and digestive systems, your kidney function, and act as a detoxifier, cancer preventative, and also work as an anti-inflammatory.

Gingerbread Latte

This latte is 100% insta-worthy with its pinky hues and fresh flower garnishes. On top of its beauty, this drink has to-die-for health benefits including relief from high blood pressure and high cholesterol, aid for digestive, immune and inflammatory systems system, as well as properties that help to cure liver disease and reduce the risk of cancer. Made from dried high concentrations of hibiscus flowers, rose water, and almond milk you definitely want to give this one a try!

Matcha Latte

Matcha lattes are Matcha powder served with milk, cinnamon, nutmeg and sweeteners to taste.Matcha certainly is an acquired taste, with its greatest asset being its health benefits. Matcha is packed with antioxidants that help to protect against heart disease and cancer, and are known to have anti-ageing properties, as well as being a powerful metabolism booster, detoxifier and mood enhancer. Matcha also contains up to three times as much caffeine as coffee or regular green tea. However, you don’t have to worry about those typical coffee jitters as Matcha contains high levels of l-theanine; an amino acid that induces relaxation without drowsiness, which in turn with the caffeine creates an ‘alert calm’ feeling.

Red Velvet Latte

This sinful coffee drink is the perfect indulgent treat that can double as an afternoon pick me up. It’s a delightful twist on the classic Red Velvet hot chocolate made with milk, chocolate, red food colouring, vanilla and freshly brewed coffee.

Super Latte

The Super Latte, otherwise known as the Maca Latte is a sweet and creamy pick me up that gives you energy without the crash that comes with caffeine. It’s made by boiling together milk, Maca powder, carob powder, cinnamon and vanilla essence to create a deliciously warm milkshake-esque brew. Maca is the reason for the “Super Latte” name, as it is known to increase energy, regulate hormones, and reduce inflammation. Maca not only boosts our health, it really boosts the flavour of this drink. It adds a lovely malt-y and subtly sweet flavour. Like a malted milkshake, but the healthy adult version that won’t send you into a sugar coma after the crash.

Taro Latte

For those of you who are yet to be introduced to Taro, it is a purple, potato like root vegetable that is rich in magnesium, iron, fibre, potassium, manganese, zinc, copper and phosphorus, and also contains vitamins A, B6, C and E. The Taro Latte is the made by brewing Taro powder with milk, making a deliciously sweet, milky brew (that is also totally grammable!).

Turmeric Latte

This latte trend is certainly one of the most popular, and for good reason. With a delicious combination of turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla and pepper, the Turmeric Latte provides anti-inflammatory properties, the power to block cancer while also lowering the risk for diabetes, acting as a liver cleanse and also being a powerful antioxidant.

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