Healthy Easter Chocolate That Won’t Break Your Diet



Diet-friendly, healthy chocolates to get you through the Easter holidays.

Easter. The only day of the year that it is acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But indulging doesn’t have to ruin one’s diet.

There are a number of chocolates available that will not only satisfy a sweet tooth but will also fit into anyone’s health kick.

Here are the top healthy Easter chocolates that won’t break a diet.

Vegan Chocolates

Loving Earth

Healthy easter chocolates loving earth
Loving Earth Boobook Chocolate Eggs, RRP $14.95 AUD

Loving Earth’s diverse range of chocolates are not only delicious, they’re also vegan and organic, meaning they can be enjoyed without any guilt.

Additionally, the brand is cane sugar free, gluten free, and soy free.

The cocoa that Loving Earth uses is sourced from a remote forest in the Amazon jungle in Peru, and it’s all ethical and sustainable approved.

From flavours such as salted caramel chocolate, lemon cheesecake, coffee ka-pow and turkishly-delightful, these chocolates are rich in flavour. It’s hard to believe they contain no milk or dairy products.

Our pick for Easter is the Boobook Chocolate Eggs, which are made from cashew mylk and filled with a soft caramel centre.

50% of the profits from this are also donated to the Great Forest National Park Campaign, meaning it’s good for the environment and the waistline.

Pana Organic Chocolate

Pana Organic chocolate is one of the most recognised vegan chocolate brands available today, and as an added benefit, their bars are all handmade.

Their slogan, “chocolate with consciousness at its core,” explains their chocolate in a nutshell – it’s all vegan, organic, and made from ethical and sustainably grown ingredients. Per serve, they also contain less than 4 grams of sugar.

Healthy easter chocolate Pana Organic
Pana Organic vegan chocolates; Fig and Wild Orange, RRP$ 6.90 AUD

Despite being vegan, the brand does not compromise on flavour or texture.

Available in tastes such as coconut and goji, sour cherry and vanilla, fig and wild orange, chai, and pineapple and ginger, to name a few, their flavours are innovative and unique – a far cry from the original milk chocolate block.

Sugar free chocolates

Well Naturally No Sugar Added

Founded in 2003 in Australia, Well Naturally makes chocolate that is 99% sugar free, with only natural sweeteners.

Healthy easter chocolates
Well Naturally no sugar added. RRP$3.50 AUD per bar

From rich dark, to mint crisp, almond chip and raspberry crush, Well Naturally uses stevia to naturally sweeten the chocolate.

Additionally, there’s a low carb range and a superfood range, with Acai or Chia and Quinoa bars.

The Carob Kitchen Banjo Bunny Egg

The Carob Kitchen stands out for its ethical ethos, where all of their products are made and grown in Australia, containing no palm oil.

Healthy easter chocolates Carob kitchen
Banjo Bunny Egg by the Carob Kitchen. RRP$ 13.95 AUD

Made with real cacao butter, the Carob Banjo egg is sugar free, gluten free and caffeine free.

It’s also one of the only products on the market that is made from Australian grown Carob, which is a high fibre, caffeine-free substitute for cocoa.

In fact, this bar has more than seven times more fibre than other chocolates, making it great for digestive issues.

 Click here for the health benefits of carob.

Additionally, this bar contains essential vitamins such as A, B2, B3, B6 and D, giving the chocolate a superfood kick, making it as healthy as it is tasty.

Also available are smaller eggs, perfect for a little pick-me-up treat.

High protein chocolate

Myprotein Protein Chocolate

With no artificial flavours and colours, and 19 grams of protein bar, Myprotein chocolate is a great healthy chocolate.

Healthy easter chocolates, myprotein
Myprotein Protein Chocolate, RRP$9.99 AUD

This bar also has 62% less sugar than other chocolates found in supermarkets, and is available in flavours mint chocolate, espresso, orange chocolate and dark chocolate.

Myprotein is Europe’s number one leading sports nutrition brand, stocking high protein foods and powders, activewear and vitamins and minerals.

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