A diet plan that might work for you – because it’s not really a diet.



Several Bondi Beauty staffers and friends have had success with the 80/20 diet – all things in moderation.This is the diet plan that might work for you.


The healthy eating plan that seems to work.

Depriving yourself of all things deemed ‘treats’ is unsustainable for most, and for the majority of the population, a restricted diet will result in binges and over indulging in the food you’ve been so carefully avoiding. The 80/20 diet rule is more of an approach to healthy eating than a diet. The rule suggests you eat healthy foods 80% of the time, allowing indulgences for the remaining 20%.

With fewer restrictions, the 80/20 rule makes sticking to a healthy eating plan more sustainable and can even result in weight loss. Consistency is key, living by the 80/20 eating plan suggests food is not your enemy. Everything in moderation is the main aim of the 80/20 eating plan.

Famous faces following the plan has apparently worked for  include former Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr. On her 80/20 lifestyle Kerr states “Rather than dieting, I have a passion for good health and organic living instilled in me by my family. I adopted the 80:20 rule when I started modelling full-time at 18. It’s about balance and not depriving yourself, ” she said in an interview last year.

Miranda’s favourite indulgences are “dark chocolate, triple-cream goat’s cheese and French fries.”

Five easy rules to remember when following the 80:20 plan include:

  • 80% of the time your diet should be based on fresh, unprocessed, nutrient rich foods
  • Remembering to watch your portion sizes.
  • Plan your treat meals to ensure you don’t binge.
  • When indulging in cheat or treat meals don’t over indulge.
  • Successful long-term weight loss following the 80/20 plan is all about a healthy lifestyle with the occasional indulgence.
  • Aim to have cheat meals and exercise-free days on separate days of the week to balance out the extra calorie intake
  • Apply 80/20 to your exercise – plan your weekly workouts, aiming to commit to 4-6 days a week.

Other Celebs following the 80/20 eating plan include Jessica Alba, Kelly Rowland and Famous personal trainer Jillian Michaels.

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