Confused About food? A new book by the former doctor of our cricket team will help



There is so much confusion about what to eat, but a new book, A Fat Lot Of Good by the former doctor of the Australian cricket team, Peter Brukner, dispels the myths.

Brukner says the real evil is sugar, and much like Jamie Oliver’s quest in the UK to not only re-educate the masses but change their eating habits, Brukner is on the same mission here in Australia.

“I can’t think of a more important health issue for Australians that would have as dramatic effect on Australians than this,” he explains.

“There are a lot of reasons for confusion around food and what to eat. One is that the science around food is difficult to do and is generally of poor quality.

Sammy Lee, Peter Brukner, Darren Burgess, Roy Hodgson.

“There are also lots of external influences who have a vested interest in particular food messages (that are not necessarily in our best interest),” Brukner explains.

“We were misled 40 years ago with the original dietary guidelines which were based not on scientific fact but rather on politics, money and the US Agriculture departments wishes,” he adds.

Brukner says he has studied nutrition for the past six years, and A Fat Lot Of Good is the result of his studies; “As a doctor, I feel I can sift through the vast amount of nutrition literature and sort out fact from fiction. I was trained to believe that drugs and surgery are the answers to medical problems, including obesity and diabetes.”

And he said it was partly his own health issues that made him investigate more seriously into the human body and nutrition and what we should be eating for better health.

“I have never been healthier than I am now. I have a diet of real food, meat, fish, non-starched vegetables, full-fat dairy, nuts and seeds. I avoid processed food, sugar starches and vegetable oils.”

Brukner has created a campaign. “sugar by half’ which aims to cut the consumption of every Australian fro around 15 teaspoons daily to 6, the recommended level by The World Health Organisation.

All proceeds from the sale of A Fat Lot Of Good go to the Sugar By Half Campaign.

You can read more about sugar by half here.

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