How To Kick Start Your Yoga Journey



This is the ultimate buying guide to kick start your yoga journey.

When pressure from work, study and everyday life is getting on top of you, there is a way to de-stress that doesn’t involve reaching for an extra glass of red with dinner.

Yoga and meditation is a healthy and sustainable solution to the stress life throws your way.

The benefits for the mind, body and soul are endless and absolutely anyone of any age or body type can do yoga.

It is estimated 300 million people practice yoga globally, and often it is parents or even grandparents are introducing the younger generation to it. The number of over 50s practicing yoga has tripled in the last four years.

If you’re keen to do yoga this is what you need.

This is a yoga and meditation guide to get you on the path to being the calmest and healthiest version of yourself you have ever been – for life:

Yoga Mat

Investing in a high-quality yoga mat is the best place to start. Yoga mats are sold all over the world, in their thousands each day as people take a step towards peace of mind and a better lifestyle.

Whether you’re using your mat at home or taking it to classes, it’s preferable to have your own. In the same way having active wear that you love can motivate you in the gym, having a yoga mat you love is an easy way to connect with and add a little personalisation to your practice.

It’s also very important to take into account the length, thickness and texture of your mat. As individuals, we are all different and a mat that suits your friend won’t necessarily be the best choice for you.

Things like height, the amount of padding required to be comfortable, and the amount of grip you require to prevent yourself from slipping out of poses varies from person to person.

Shopping around and trying different mats as you go is the ideal way to ensure you’re getting the best product on the market that suits your body and it’s unique needs.

woman doing yoga on a rooftop

Water Bottle

Whether you’re exercising or your sitting at your work desk, hydration is key to a healthy body and mind.

Choosing a water bottle that fits in with your daily routine and meets your needs will ensure that consistently drinking water throughout the day becomes a natural part of your daily routine.

There’s a wide range of innovative products on the market that you can purchase to store your water that meet your every need.

From bottles that will keep water cold for hours, bottles with built in filters, bottles that are eco-friendly, and bottles that can strap around your wrist when you exercise, there will something on the market for you.

Having a water bottle that’s perfect for you to keep on hand at all times and keep you sipping all day long will have a huge impact on your health, both inside and out.

Woman with water bottle

Comfortable Clothing

Comfortable clothing you like wearing is key to a successful session. Whether practising yoga, meditating or both, your session won’t be enjoyable if your clothes feel restrictive or don’t look hot.

Choosing activewear that’s made of breathable material will allow you to naturally cool and help your body adapt to the new method of exercise. Check out this story on how wearing the right fitness gear can improve your fitness – fast.

Finding clothes that fit well and that you feel confident in will also help you concentrate on the health benefits and not your appearance.

When practising new poses and finding your happy place you don’t want to be feeling self-conscious or be distracted by clothing that isn’t comfortable or sitting correctly.  

women practising yoga


Taking a positive step towards a healthier and happier lifestyle is easy, and yoga is an easy way to move forwards. For more inspiration, read this Sydney woman’s journey with yoga.

And to find the right class, check out this guide.

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