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W1LL’s new yoga studio in St Leonards creates an amazing and unique space for peace and meditation.

If you’re looking to start a NEW yoga journey, but the idea of being guided into positions by Sanskrit and other yoga jargon scares you, then W1LL Yoga is the prefect place to start. Especially if you’ve never done yoga before.

The new studio is nestled amongst the business district of St Leonards and has been cleverly designed to block out all outside noises, from the busy road outside to the chatty businessman in the café next door.

It’s the perfect location for anyone looking to get a good stretch north of the bridge at lunch or end their day with a recharge to the soul.

And the best part, each class has been designed to keep it simple and easy – with a side serving of challenging for more advanced yogis, but perfect for anyone who has never done yoga before.

The classes have been designed by W1LL with the idea that yoga should not be complicated for any type of yogi (beginner or advanced), so they do not include complicated Sanskrit from the instructor – like Adho Mukha Svanasana: Downward Facing Dog.

You start with a slow and steady small meditation sequence to get the breath going, before flowing into your yoga sequence, which is well guided by the yoga instructor using basic, easy to understand commands, before ending the class with a beautifully structured mediation to help you feel centred and recharged.

Whilst you flow through you sequence, a stunning range of images and videos is projected onto a main screen at the front of the class. These images range form exotic tropical islands, to cool icy mountain tops; all designed to help whisk you away from the urban landscape outside.

Inside the very tranquil yoga studio of W1LL.

And the best part, every time you connect with a practice at W1LL studio, your money will help a person in need somewhere around the world. With commitments by W1LL to support a variety of communities around the world, like providing medical needs to new mothers and education to children.

Using mediation and yoga to transform the world, one piece at a time.

Prices for yoga classes at W1LL are affordable for anyone, no matter the budget. For first timers, there is a deal on at the moment, where you can get unlimited passes to classes for three weeks for as little as $70.

Or if you want to sign up a membership with W1LL will cost around $119 to join, and then just $29.95 a week, with unlimited access to all classes.

Click here for more details.

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