6 Reasons to Work Out in Winter



6 benefits of working out in winter.

We get it. Leaving your warm bed for a winter workout is tough. Here are 6 reasons to stay motivated during the cold winter months.

It’s cold and dark outside and you think to yourself, forget it! I’ll skip my workout this morning, it’s just way too cold outside.

But, before you throw in the towel, we have 6 great reasons why a winter workout is great for your body.

You burn more calories:

When you’re working out in the cold, your body works harder to regulate its core temperature. So, you’ll burn more calories during your winter workout. We always tend to eat more in the colder months, so knowing you can burn those extra calories faster by working out in the cold, is great motivation to get you outdoors in winter.

Youll adjust to cold weather faster:

Sometimes, it can be painful to force yourself out in the cold to exercise. However, rest assured, over time it does get easier. According to John Honerkamp; chief coach of the New York Road Runners, it’s important for your body to adjust to the elements, particularly in the colder months. By doing this, you prevent your internal organs from going into shock when out in the cold.

Your heart strengthens:

Exercise anytime of the year has been proven to help strengthen the heart. And in winter, your heart needs to work harder in order to distribute blood throughout the body faster, in order to keep warm. So, by maintaining a healthy exercise routine in winter, you’re supporting the heart in the colder months, helping it to circulate blood and oxygen better in the body.

You drink more water:

Staying hydrated all year around is a must, especially in winter. This is because the body is naturally fighting off bad bugs like a common cold or flu, and the more fluid you drink, the better your body can flush out any unnecessary toxins in the body. When you exercise, you sweat. When you sweat, you drink more water. Combining the two in winter means your body will stay healthy and happy.

Feel energised:

Switching on the heater and cuddling up on the couch with a good book, or movie and a hot chocolate is amazing in the colder months, but it can often leave you feeling more tired and low energy levels. Instead, a chilly winter workout will help stimulate the blood and oxygen throughout the body faster, which naturally boosts both your mood and your energy.

Get a dose of vitamin D:

Even when the sun isn’t shining, natural light is still great for the body. You don’t need to feel the rays of the sun in order for your body to absorb many natural vitamins and minerals, even on an overcast day, your body will still take in the sun’s vitamin D; which is essential for healthy skin and creates a natural defence against many common colds and the flu.

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