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How does the fourth generation Theragun compare to its predecessor? Hint: It’s a game-changer that packs a punch.

A power tool doesn’t often go hand in hand with muscle relaxation, but for chiropractor Jason Wersland, a handheld drill was quite literally his punching, saving grace from chronic, debilitative pain.

After eight years of deliberation and innovation, it led him to launch the Theragun in 2016; a unique, powerful massage gun that utilised percussive motion to deeply target and unwind the muscles, alleviating aches and pain.

The Theragun works so effectively because of the Gate Control Theory of Pain. This quite literally blocks the pain receptors from reaching the brain, with the up and down massaging movement of the gun going 60 per cent deeper into the tissue than a traditional massage.

For Dr. Wersland, the invention changed him immensely. From a man in such deep pain he didn’t want to eat or talk to his kids, to a practising chiropractor who knew he had to share the pain-relieving qualities of the Theragun with the world.

Jason Wersland founder of Theragun
Wersland’s chronic pain led him to reach for something unconventional: a power tool.

His story and innovation is one that should be shared with the world, as Bondi Beauty discovered when we interviewed the founder earlier this year.

Can’t picture the magic? Imagine a handheld, triangular tool that rebounds off the body 40 times per second, working to improve circulation, unwind tight muscles and promote blood flow to the area.

fourth generation theragun game-changer
The perfect device for returning to the gym – and it’s even better than before.

Since the initial launch, the Theragun has undergone significant redesigns. Now, the fourth-generation model is a game changer, with significant improvements from the earlier models.

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The new G4 Pro Theragun

Bondi Beauty road tested the fourth generation Theragun PRO (RRP $899), the professional-grade, top of the line machine. Here’s how it compares to the third-generation PRO model we trialled earlier in the year.

It’s significantly quieter

Previous issues with the Theragun included the loud motor, making it impossible to carry on normal conversation or watch a movie while utilising the device.

Now, the fourth generation is 55 per cent quieter than its predecessor. It’s a welcome, needed addition; now, the Theragun is as quiet as an electric toothbrush.

 It’s thanks to the new, commercial grade brushless motor, equipped with QuietForce technology that was designed exclusively by Theragun.

The battery life is significantly longer

The earlier generation of the PRO Theragun had a continuous battery life of 75 minutes, and only one interchangeable battery was included.

Now, the G4 battery can last up to 5 hours, and since beginning to review the model over the course of a month, I’ve only had to charge the batteries once.

A further bonus is that the G4 now comes with two, swappable external batteries – meaning you’ll never be waiting for the battery to charge, allowing continuous use. It’s a real bonus when taking the Theragun on short trips, as you don’t need to lug around the batteries or chargers.

An increased, customizable speed range

The Theragun can be quite intense, with the pounding motion of the device often too much for sensitive muscles or those not accustomed to strong massages.

The earlier generation only included two speed ranges, however the G4 now has five built in speeds – 1750, 1900, 2100, 2200 and 2400 percussions per minute.

theragun fourth generation gamechanger
New speed ranges are ideal for those more sensitive.

The lower speeds are ideal for those especially sensitive areas, while the higher speeds utilise the full force of the machine.

The speeds are even easier to change than before as well, with the addition of a new OLED screen that displays the force meter and settings. While it’s a convenient new feature, the device worked perfectly fine without it in the earlier models.

There’s also an option to pre-set favourite settings, so your favourite customised routine is available at the touch of a button. This feature would be best suited to athletes or health professionals, though as an average user, I had no need for this exuberant feature – it was easy enough to turn on the device and change the settings to what I needed on that particular day.

A new attachment

One of the best new features of the G4 includes the addition of a sixth attachment. With a soft, sponge like head, this attachment is a game changer.

fourth generation theragun gamechanger
The new supersoft dampener attachment is a great inclusion.

Whereas the previous heads are quite intense and great at unwinding specific knots, this wider, softer attachment is ideal for extra sensitive areas, and definitely the accessory I was reaching for first when using.

Additionally, Theragun isn’t finished yet. There’s news in the American arena of a new line of CBD-based recovery products, called TheraOne.

All images courtesy of Theragun.

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