The Cheapest Way to Kick Start Your Weight Loss Today



This is the cheapest way to get motivated and find fitness classes you like with Class Pass.

ClassPass Australia is a mobile friendly app which connects you to 8000+ of the best fitness studios in Australia, and gives you the option of training wherever, whenever you like.

These are their top 4 fitness activities to help you stay fit and guilt-free over the festive season.

You can get a ClassPass for $60/month or Core 10 for $99/month.

Stay in shape with these 4 great summer fitness classes:


Go Kayaking with OzPaddle at the Andrew Boy Charlton Pool in Sydney, which overlooks the beautiful Botanical Gardens. Kayacking gives you the perfect workout of both abs and arm, whilst enjoying the superb views of Sydney Harbour.

Detox Sauna:

Sweat it out at Nimbus and Co in their unique infrared detox sauna, which had been designed to specially detox and destress you at the same time. Infrared technology in saunas uses the idea of replicating the sun; without any damaging effects to help heal the body.

Outdoor Bootcamp:

Working out in a studio can be fin, but working out outdoors is even better. ClassPass has a huge selection of bootcamps located on some of Australia’s best beaches and parks. The best part about working out at the beach, you can dive straight into the cooling waters for a post workout cool down.

Yoga with a Twist

Forget your traditional flow yoga. With a myriad of new yoga styles now available, ClassPass has jumped onboard to offer some of the most interesting and exciting types of yoga there is. This includes: aerial yoga, hot yoga, acrobatic yoga, urban yoga, yoga by the sea and even yoga to love music.

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