Struggling to Stick to Your Workout Plans? This is the Best Way to Get Fit and Stay Fit



Sydney fitness expert Lizzie B shares her tips on the best way to get fit and stay fit.

It is difficult to set fitness goals that are both realistic and that get results.

All too often, new plans to get fit and lose weight are cast aside after a matter of weeks, as it becomes too difficult to squeeze in that daily workout and motivation disappears.

Sydney’s female fitness expert, Lizzie B, founder of Lean Bean Fitness and qualified Pilates, barre, yoga and boxing teacher, shares her best tips on how to make fitness resolutions that you will actually uphold, and that will get you the results that you want.


  1. Don’t set unrealistic expectations:

“I’m all for setting the bar high but the emotional impact of feeling as though you’ve ‘failed’ yourself is more damaging than making a more realistic goal to aim for. For example, if your goal is to ‘workout 6 days a week’- you need to first figure out how and if that’s going to be achievable. If you’re not sure, change it to ‘workout 5 days a week’ and add in 1 bonus ‘Retreat day’ – when you treat yourself to a massage, calming yoga class or leisurely walk. You should also think about why you wanted to hit this in particular goal- rest days are just as important as workout days so your body and mind will thank you for giving yourself 2 days off each week.”


  1. Don’t just rely on your workouts to reach your goal

“You may be doing 30+ minutes of strength/cardio training most days but what about the rest of the day? If you work in an office then unfortunately you have to work a little harder to keep active throughout the day. Simple things like doing the coffee run, going to the loo (anything to get the step count up) or going for a 5-minute walk on your lunch break, will massively contribute to your fitness goals. It may also be an obvious point, but fitness goals simply won’t be met if the foods and drinks you are consuming don’t back up your exercise. As a general rule you want to be getting nutritious fats carbs, proteins in your daily diet a long with drinking LOADS of water (and minimal alcohol/processed foods). If you’re serious about this resolution and know when it comes to your diet you could do with some personal support and guidance, speak to a qualified Dietician who can help you stick on the right path.”


  1. Keep it FUN!

“Fitness is meant to be fun, so try and set light hearted goals like ‘Be able to do 100 squats in 1 minute’ or ‘Run 10k without stopping’ or ‘Try and swim in the ocean every week’. You want your resolution to challenge you, but not to the point of dread – and always remember your happiness and mental wellbeing is the number one thing to strive for.”



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