How To Get Toned Arms While Watching Netflix



Look no further than these 4 amazing arm-toning moves to get the sexy, strong arms you have always wanted.   

What’s better than a killer arm workout? A killer arm workout you can do while watching TV.

These arm exercises can be completed whilst sitting down and without any equipment, so you can basically do them anytime, anywhere. 

In order to get the best results however, it is important to maintain good posture throughout the workout.

Prayer Pulses

Prayer Pulses with Cassey Ho
Prayer Pulses with Cassey Ho

To do this move you put your hands together in a prayer position so that your hands are in front of your face. 

Make sure the rest of your forearms are touching down to your elbow.

Holding this pose, pulse straight up so that your elbows are at the same level as your chin when you pulse up.

Return back to your original position so that your hands are at the same level as your mouth. 

Repeat this move for one minute.

Back Behinds

Back Behinds by Cassey Ho
Back Behinds with Cassey Ho

Extend your arms out with your palms flat facing down, parallel to the floor.

From this starting pose you must then bring your elbows into the side of your body and hold your palms upwards as if you have plates resting on top of them.

Make sure you are squeezing your biceps when you come into your body before pulsing back out again.

Repeat this move for one minute.

Arm Circles

Arm Circles with Chloe Ting
Arm Circles with Chloe Ting

Sitting up straight, extend your arms sideways, away from your body, with your fingers spread.

Make circular motions with your arms.

Repeat this move for one minute and then reverse the direction of the circles for another minute.

Triangle Pushes

Triangle Pushes with Cassey Ho
Triangle Pushes with Cassey Ho

Bring your hands together to form prayer hands at the centre of your chest.

Push your arms out so that they extend directly in front of you and your hands separate from each other.

Then bring your hands back into the original pose.

Repeat this move for one minute. 

By combining all these different moves together, you can create your own arm-toning workout to accompany your next Netflix binge.

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