Burn Fat Fast at Dynamic Pilates Now Open in Sydney



Dynamic Pilates is a new Pilates studio which promises to burn fat, increase muscle tone and improve strength and flexibility fast.

Their specialty is the Pilates Reformer class.

Famously loved by some of the hottest celebrities like Kate Hudson and Miranda Kerr, Pilates Reformer is a supportive exercise machine which incorporates a variety of Pilates exercise techniques, for an intense and challenging workout.

With the use of a variety of springs, leverage and body weight, you are able to target specific areas of the body, specifically the core.

It’s a great alternative to regular Pilates mat classes, as the equipment helps you to move your body the correct way and with better posture. With the support of the Reformer, you are able to get deep into your own muscle structure to properly strengthen and tone your core muscles.

Pilates Reformer also helps make up for the loss of any muscle weakness you might have, by use of the specialised springs and supports. The Reformer supports your body where needed, assisting you to better work through the resistance style training of the machine.

The brand new Pilates Reformer machines at the Dynamic Pilates studio in Glebe.

And the best part, you can work to your own level.

This is by use of the spring system on the Reformer machine. The springs are designed for different levels of a person’s resistance level. The more springs used, the higher the resistance. The less springs used, the lower the resistance. Allowing you to work at whatever level your body is best suited for. Either way, you get the same result.

The Dynamic Pilates studio also offers an exciting new style of Pilates Barre.

Inspired by a variety of Barre techniques, like: Barre Attack and Xtend Barre, Dynamic Pilates have created their own style of a modern, rapid adaption of Pilates, Ballet, Yoga and Dance all mixed into one class. Run as a high-energy workout, the class is designed to strengthen, lengthen, sculpt and tone your body with fast results.

The Pilates Barre studio for Dynamic Pilates in Glebe.

Dynamic Pilates has studios located in Glebe, Manly and Crows Nest and are currently running a seasonal promotion offer of 2 classes for $20.00.
Bookings are essential, as classes are designed around small numbers, to ensure you obtain a very personalised experience with the equipment and the trainer. To book click here.

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