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It’s easy this time of year to lose track of your fitness goals.

The festive season is a well deserved rest for many of us, which means we sometimes find it a bit hard to get our butt back into gear once the new year rolls around.

These 5 fitness tips will ensure you stay motivated and on track:

It all starts with Monday

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Monday’s can be a confusing time

Monday’s have a bit of a bad rep, but if you decide to fully embrace the Monday it can set you up for the rest of the week. If you stick to your fitness goals at the start of the week you are more likely to follow through the rest of the week. But if you make an excuse Monday, you’ll start to make excuses for Tuesday and Wednesday (and so on). Get in a good workout Monday morning and you’ll feel ready to embrace the rest of the week.

Plan for the week ahead 

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Sort your week out honey’s!

Take the time out of your Sunday to plan your week ahead. Meal prep some healthy snacks and lunches for yourself to avoid the unhealthy snacking during the day, and pack your gym bag the night before. If you get everything ready the night before it means when the morning comes you can roll out of bed and get straight into action.

Set yourself up for success and you won’t fail.


Keep pushing yourself

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You sure are!

Keep things interesting and keep pushing your limits. Don’t stay with the same dumbbell weight every time you go to the gym, keep upping the weight and up the reps, maybe increase the time you spend on the treadmill or add a cycle or a swim in your morning routine.

You’ll see the best results if you keep challenging yourself. Don’t get into the same routine at the gym, otherwise you won’t see the desired results.


You need a good diet and sleep to see success

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Enjoy that sleep, and get plenty of it

Health is so much more than just exercise, to achieve the best results you need to take care of yourself outside of the gym.  Eating healthy, regular meals and getting a good nights sleep will mean when you work out you’ll be at your best self.


Your training buddy is key

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Less talky talk and more trainy train pls.

If you and your girlfriend go to the gym together and all you do is talk on the treadmill while walking for 10 minutes, you need a new training buddy. If there’s more talk than real work  happening you won’t see the fitness results you want. If you like training with other people, find yourself a training buddy with the same goals as you and where you keep pushing eachother to succeed.

If you follow these 5 easy fitness tips you’ll see the results you want this January.


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