Sam Wood Launches NEW Health and Fitness App



Personal trainer and TV personality Sam Wood has launched an exciting new health & fitness app called ‘The 28 App’.

This new app is the next step within Sam’s successful online health and fitness program 28 by Sam Wood.

With around one million dollars being invested on ensuring a flawless user experience for the app, The 28 App will be the first fitness app in the world to simultaneously sync your iPhone, Apple TV and Apple Watch in one go.

“The app is the latest evolution of the 28 program and it’s definitely the most comprehensive of its kind on the market. Every element has been created to give our members the best possible chance of success. The app has daily workouts, thousands of recipes and the ability to swap and drop, a dynamic shopping list and progress ticks to help keep you accountable.

I can also send videos in real time to app users with a feature known as ‘Sam Cam’. The app enables me to connect to my 28ers better than ever and really be the personal trainer in their pocket.”

The 28 App is designed to assist users across all key areas of well-being, including fitness tips and workouts, nutrition and recipes, mindset and psychology. And to ensure users receive the best advice and support, Sam has recruited some of the best experts in their field of health and fitness.

Making this new app a real stand out from other health and fitness apps.

“We have hundreds of workouts and thousands of delicious recipes but what truly sets us apart is that we place equal importance on both body & mind. Mind is one of the three pillars of the program and includes sleep, motivation, accountability and connectivity.

To really take it to the next level we made sure that our tech truly is world-class. We have worked hard on some incredible features and we’re the only fitness app in the world that syncs watch and phone in real time.”

Some key features of the app will be a variety if workouts ranging from HIIT, Yoga and Pilates. Meal Plans for all users, including a wide range of delicious daily recipes and guided meditations to help users of the app achieve an overall wellness.

“As a personal trainer for seventeen years, I have seen some incredible results from my face to face clients and built some strong relationships along the way. I created the online program and this new app as a way of reaching more people to help them change their lives for the better.”

The app launched on Tuesday 24th July 2018.

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