Are you sabotaging your fitness without even realising it?



Sydney PT Rachel Livingstone explains five ways you may be sabotaging your fitness, without even knowing it.

Start the week as you mean to go on

The beginning of the week is when you are most motivated to effect change. If you stick to your resolutions on the first day, you are more likely to keep to them for the rest of the week. Conversely, if you fall down on Monday, then the rational for waiting until the start of the next week becomes the overriding idea. Start your week on the right foot and you are more likely to end it on the right foot.

Organise for success

If you rush out the door without breakfast, forgetting your healthy snacks and gym shoes, it will be far harder to live well that day. By the time you get around to brekkie you will be starving and are more likely to overeat – and choose unhealthy foods.

A mid-morning muffin will seem justified as you have no fruit and nuts in your bag. And if you have to go home instead of straight to the gym, you probably won’t make it back out again.

Get organised the night before so you set yourself up for success, not failure.

Don’t cruise through your workout

Your body is designed to adapt to stimulus. Once adaption is achieved your body needs a different or more intense stimulus to create further change. If you always do the same workout, your body will remain the same. Just ‘being’ at the gym or exercise class is not enough.

Your workout has to challenge you. Make every rep or minute count. In a pump class add one more plate to your barbell. In a weights session do 5 more reps on every exercise. In a run increase your pace or distance.

Get the balance right

Optimum health and fitness involves a balance of exercise, rest and nutrition. Inadequate sleep means your body does not get to recuperate and repair after training. Ensure a good night’s sleep by going to bed earlier, winding down before bedtime and not eating too late.

Likewise you cannot out-train – or out-sleep a bad diet. You can have occasional treats for pleasure, but the majority of your diet needs to focus on fulfilling nutritional needs for your workouts and general good health.

Don’t socialise away your gains

Trainers and training buddies are a bonus that can help keep you motivated and working out harder. However, if there is too much chit chat and too little huff and puff, revisit your goals with your trainer, ramp up your motivation, refocus in class – and catch up with your buddies after you’re done.

How are you sabotaging yourself?

By Rachel Livingstone Personal Trainer & Owner of The Health Hub

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Rachel Livingstone


Rachel is a PT and Maternal Health specialist who found the gym at 14 through her weight lifting dad and never looked back. Originally from the UK she finally settled her wanderlusting feet on the shores of Sydney and can often be found on the back of a paddleboard exploring Rose Bay and the beautiful harbour.

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