Pump It Like P!nk – here’s how she gets that hot bod.



Want fab abs like P!nk? Read on for how she gets that hot bod.


P!nk displaying her fab abs in Madison Square Garden New York last year.

P!nk may be a rock star with rock-hard abs, but she works hard for them. She’s not one of those celebrities that keep insisting they don’t go to the gym and eat whenever they want – she’s refreshingly real about the hard work it takes to build a physique like hers.

1.    Start with a cleanse

P!nk starts each new fitness kick with an eleven-day power cleanse. You do lost some weight from it, so you are more motivated in your workouts. Reintroduce proteins very carefully, and keep it as green as possible, and include plenty of healthy fats and fibre.

2.    Hit the gym at least five times a week

It doesn’t matter what you do at the gym so much as that you log in the hours. P!nk does everything from circuit training to treadmill intervals – anything to keep the heart in the 75% heart rate zone for a full ninety minutes

3. Change up your personal trainers

While P!nk prefers to train on her own, she will call in a personal trainer when she needs a little extra push – she doesn’t rely on them to stay fit. Trainer to the stars, Greg Joujon-Roche, trained her on and off for five years to help her get into acrobatic shape for her concerts. He always strives to incorporate the client’s personal life into their workout. So if you love the beach – go and run on the sand! Jeanette Jenkins helped her lose weight and tone up after the birth of her daughter.

4.    Spice up your workouts

Get outdoors for your cardio. Kick the sock-and-sweat smell at the gym and get some fresh air to invigorate you before you work out. And change up your routine. P!nk gets a new workout obsession every few months: in September, it was hot yoga. Then it was running and hiking. Now it’s yoga, with extra emphasis on core-based exercises

5.   Drink tons of water

Drink a litre of water for everyone 31kg you weigh. Water cleanses your body and keeps it alkaline. It will also boost your metabolism, skin and eyesight. If you start drinking more water now, you will see a huge change in as little as a fortnight.

6.    Worship the side plank

The side plank is the eight wonder of the world for women. Lie on your side, support yourself from your elbow points to your wrist points, making sure you’re perpendicular to the ground. Lift yourself off the ground, but your lift needs to come from your bottom and side, not your shoulders. Lift yourself up, squeeze your butt tight and your side and hold and squeeze, suck your belly in and hold for a minute on each side. Repeat it three times for a total of three minutes each side and it’ll change your lower back, bottom, hips and abdomen. The key is control and consistency. Do it daily and from your butt and stomach, not your shoulders or neck. (GJR, Holistic Fitness)

7.    Make sure that the exercise you’ve chosen is a good one for you

P!nk only does exercises that keep her entertained – that’s why her favourite workout is her show! Onstage, she gets to sweat and have fun at the same time. Most of us don’t have a rock concert the keep up fit, but the message here is to choose an exercise that will keep you interested and working hard.

8.   Don’t deny yourself the foods you really want

Like all mortals, P!nk has guilty pleasures that she won’t stop herself from eating. Her favourite is cheesecake, and while she tries to eat as healthy as possible, she won’t completely cut out her favourites.

9.    Work out on your own schedule

It’s important to exercise when you’re ready. If, like P!nk, exercising on someone else’s timetable is hard for you, then don’t make yourself do it. Wait until it’s the right time for you, and then go hard!

10.Don’t cut corners

Jeanette Jenkins says of her star client: “She’s a beast!” P!nk’s number one workout tip is this: “If you want sick abs, you gotta hang upside down by your feet and do sit-ups. You have to. And you can’t cut corners.”

One last piece of advice:

Listen to music while you work out – P!nk’s favourite workout is rehearsals and her show, where the music is pumping hard and fast!

A 2010 study published in the Journal of Medicine, Science and Sport reveals that listening to your preferred music will increase the benefits of your workout by up to thirty-six per cent. The music both decreases ‘bodily awareness’ and increases motivation – basically, the music distracts your body from the pain of exercise and pushes you to work harder.

So pick your favourite P!nk song, turn up the volume and give 110% every time. Your goals will be within reach that much sooner.

By Bondi Beauty Intern Yael Brender

What is your favourite P!nk Song?

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