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This fun, sexy and highly addictive fitness workout empowers women, improves strength and flexibility and boosts self-esteem – and your man will love your for it.

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Pole Dancing is a fun way to get fit, strong and gain confidence.

Pole Dancing combines a mix of acrobatic tricks, dance moves and feats of flexibility. It burns calories, builds your all over body tone and increasing your confidence.

Miss Pole Dance Australia 2013, Porsche says ‘Pole dancing is great for promoting weight loss as you are constantly lifting your own body weight. It’s a creative way to gain strength without the tedious monotony of lifting weights in a gym.’

A pioneer in the Sydney Pole scene is Bobbi’s Pole Studio in Sydney ranging from beginner to advance classes. Taught by some of the world’s top Pole Dancers, the classes aim to get you fit in a fun, unpretentious, supportive and girly environment.

Porsche, who is also a teacher at Bobbi’s says “The pole community is very supportive and friendly and it teaches women to become more accepting of their bodies.”

Each class starts with a warm-up often to awesome 90s music which is followed by learning skills from spinning around the pole to going upside-down. The last third of the class is dedicated to learning a routine which incorporates all your newly learnt skills. Each term ends with a performance night where students perform their routine to a supportive audience of family and friends.

The Pole Dancing scene in Sydney kicked off in 2004 when Bobbi and Ness opened Sydney Pole Dancing School with just two poles. Eight weeks later with over a 100 students they moved to a new studio and renamed it Bobbi’s Pole Studio. Since then the popularity of Pole Dancing has rapidly increased with multiple studios opening around Australia and with competitions such as Miss Pole Dance Australia being established.

Pole dancing is great for anyone of any shape and age. It works best for those who are able to compliment their classes by working on their flexibility and strength as this will help them perform pole moves more easily and give them more confidence on the pole. Pole Dancing is also perfect for individuals who need encouragement and who enjoy social interaction during their work out or if you not only want to get fit but want to learn a new skill and be creative.

It won’t work if  you’re expecting to be able to do advanced tricks after your first term. Pole Dancing requires dedication to reach the advance level, however students are encouraged to go at their own pace.

Be warned – you are guaranteed calluses and bruises from Pole Dancing which will soon turn into badges of honour according to how hard you worked.

And it’s fun. What other fitness activity requires you to buy sexy high heels? Pole Dancing encourages students to wear high heels to class, and the more sparkles on your shoes the better. We also love the ‘I dance around to that song in my bedroom’ music they play and the Girl Power vibe.

Finally, we love the fact that you will be having so much during your lessons that you will forget your exercising.

Have you tried pole dancing?
Check it out at: http://bobbispolestudio.com.au/


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