Rachael Finch’s Hot New Activewear Range



Rachael Finch has launched her own activewear range, and it’s hot!

Aussie beauty Rachael Finch, a regular contributor to Bondi Beauty, talks about her journey towards creating her incredible fitness empire, and excitement for the launch of her new activewear range, BOD by Finch.

Model, fitness influencer and founder of Body by Finch, Rachael Finch, 30 knows her stuff when it comes to living a happy, healthy and active lifestyle. .

“Activewear has taken me through so much in life – not just my daily fitness plans. I’ve travelled the world in it, met my husband wearing it, and even gave birth to my two babies in it!” Rachael  said.

“The first thing I do when I get out of the shower in the morning is put on my leggings and a singlet. I immediately feel motivated to do something productive, whether that be a workout or not. I love feeling strong, confident and connected to my body.”

Feeling sexy in your activewear can make you feel so much more motivated to hit the gym and work hard, and this is exactly what Rachael’s new range aims to cultivate in women across Australia

“Combining my love of fitness, fashion and feeling amazing is perfect,” Rachael said.

“It’s been a dream ever since I was young to create a range – growing up with sport and spending most of my time outdoors. The range has a very relaxed vibe which is a reflection of who I am and where I grew up.”

The range features soft, feminine colours and stretch fabrics that create flattering silhouettes.

So, head on over to BodbyFinchApparel.com to see more of Rachael’s stunning new range, because we all deserve to feel sexy in our activewear.

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